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  1. Is Post Malone Gay?
  2. Post Malone's Girlfriends & Dating History
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Is Post Malone Gay? Explore Post Malone's Girlfriends & Dating History

Post Malone has earned his spot in the music world by uniquely blending genres like hip-hop, pop, trap, rock, and metal, even within a single album. As for his sexuality, it remains a private matter. It's important to focus on his impactful musical achievements rather than personal speculations.

Is Post Malone Gay?

Is Post Malone Gay? Source: Post Malone
No. Post Malone is straight. He is neither gay nor bisexual! The question of Post Malone's sexuality has been a topic of speculation, but there is no verified information to suggest that he is gay.
The rumors about Post Malone's sexuality seem to have originated from suggestions that he should appear on the show "Queer Eye," which is known for its support of the LGBT+ community. However, this suggestion alone does not provide any concrete evidence about his sexual orientation.
Additionally, looking at Post Malone's dating history, which includes relationships with women, further supports the conclusion that his private life remains just that—private. It's essential to focus on his artistic contributions rather than on unverified rumors about his personal life.

Post Malone's Girlfriends & Dating History

Post Malone's Girlfriends & Dating History Source: Post Malone

Post Malone has dated various women over the years. However, he has yet to confirm some of the relationships. Perhaps the most famous and long-term is his relationship with Ashlen Diaz. He has also been rumoured to be dating MLMA and Kano Shimpo. Here are details of Post Malone's dating history:

Unidentified Fiancée

Post Malone has a baby girl with his fiancée. He prefers to keep his family life private, emphasizing his desire to let his daughter make her own decisions in a complex world.

He expressed his joy and contentment in life since the birth of his daughter and engagement.


In early 2020, Post Malone was linked with MLMA, a South-Korean singer and visual artist. Their relationship was never officially confirmed but was hinted at through social media posts.

Kano Shimpo

Post Malone reportedly dated the model Kano Shimpo for three months in 2019. Details of their relationship are scarce as they kept it away from the public eye.

Ashlen Diaz

Post Malone and Ashlen Diaz started dating in 2015, going public during his first appearance on The Breakfast Club. They met at work and had an instant connection.

However, their relationship ended in 2018, with the reasons for their split remaining private.


Post Malone's Personal Growth

Post Malone's Personal Growth Source: Post Malone
Alongside his romantic journey, Post Malone has been focused on his music career, touring his last album, and preparing for the release of his next one, "Austin." He has openly shared his newfound happiness and commitment to taking care of his body, family, and friends.
The rapper has also celebrated his new phase of life with a tattoo of his daughter's initials, showcasing his deep affection for his family.
Despite his fame, Post Malone has successfully maintained privacy regarding his personal life, especially concerning his current relationship and family. This discretion reflects his intent to protect his loved ones from the public eye and allows him to focus on his music and personal happiness.
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