How Did Peter's Father Die In The Night Agent? Was Peter Sr. The Traitor?

How Did Peter's Father Die In The Night Agent? Was Peter Sr. The Traitor? Are you ready for a new thriller series? Netflix's 'The Night Agent' is a must-watch. Based on a novel by Matthew Quirk, this political thriller follows low-level FBI agent Peter Sutherland, played by Gabriel Basso, who works in the basement of the White House. His job is to man an emergency phone that rarely rings, but when it does, his life becomes complicated as he's thrust into the middle of a massive conspiracy at the highest levels of government.
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Peter believes in doing everything by the book and is dedicated to keeping the country safe. However, the threat this time comes from within the White House. One wrong move could brand him as a traitor, just like his father. Throughout the season, we see Peter living under the shadow of his father's tainted past. The cast also includes Oscar nominee Hong Chau and Luciane Buchanan. Created by Shawn Ryan, the mind behind 'The Shield' and 'Timeless', this series is a must-watch for fans of political thrillers. Get ready to dive into a twisted web of dangerous lies and corruption with far-reaching consequences.

#1. How Did Peter's Father Die In The Night Agent?

How Did Peters Father Die In The Night AgentSource: Netflix

In the final episodes of "The Night Agent," Peter learns the truth about his father's death. It was not an accident, nor was it suicide. In return for saving the President, Peter is shown a video in which his father confesses to everything. He finds out his father was guilty of everything the world said about him, but there were some things that the public didn't know.
The President tells Peter that his father had agreed to become a double agent to bring down the people who had orchestrated everything. He was supposed to be prepped for deployment, going on a secret mission. However, the enemies found out and he was assassinated. For Peter, this realization puts a lot of things into perspective.
Now, Peter knows what really the reason how did his father die. Although he can never reveal the truth to anyone, he has to make peace with knowing the truth himself. He has to be content with the fact that the world will never find out about many things.
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#2. Is Peter Sr. The Traitor?

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After determining the reason how did Peters father die in The Night Agent, we're going forward to answer if he is the traitor. It seems that Peter Sr. did, in fact, betray his country by leaking confidential information. While he may not have realized at the time who he was working with, he still made a decision to compromise national security by providing them with sensitive information. It is unfortunate that he died before he could face justice and clear his name, but the evidence against him seems to be fairly strong.
It is understandable that Peter Jr. would want to believe in his father's innocence and clear his name, but it is important to recognize the gravity of the situation and the harm that was caused by his actions. As an FBI agent himself, Peter Jr. should prioritize the integrity of the organization and the safety of the country above his personal beliefs and emotions.
For the world, including Peter Sr.'s best friend, Peter Sr. was a traitor. However, his son refused to believe this and made it his life's mission to get to the truth. Although the question of Peter Sr.'s guilt remained unanswered, his son remained convinced that his father had not betrayed his country.
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#3. The Night Agent Season 1 Main Cast

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