Who Was Voted Out In Survivor 44 Episode 4? Latest News

Who Was Voted Out In Survivor 44 Episode 4? Hey fans, in the latest episode of Survivor, Carolyn used some idol trickery, following in the footsteps of previous contestants Danny and Matthew. As a result, three contestants - Matt, Jaime, and Sarah - all have fake idols that they believe are real. Additionally, the episode saw three new idols introduced, one for each of the new tribes. The power that these idols give their respective holders has led some viewers to question whether this is too much.
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As the season progresses, the remaining contestants will have to continue to face challenges and work hard to stay in the game. Episode 4 saw the elimination of Sarah Wade after Carolyn and Josh teamed up, with Josh using his immunity idol to keep himself safe. Yam Yam and Sarah's votes against Josh were nullified, and Sarah was voted out of the competition. Viewers will have to stay tuned to see who will ultimately emerge as the winner of Survivor 44 and take home the $1 million prize.

#1. Who Was Voted Out In Survivor 44 Episode 4? Meet Sarah Wade

Who Was Voted Out In Survivor 44 Episode 4Source: CBS

In episode 4 of Survivor, the Tika tribe is still reeling from the previous week's elimination. Josh believes he is in a safe position as the swing vote, but the tribe is focused on eliminating him. Carolyn sets a trap by placing a fake idol with an advantage clue in a birdcage, leading Sarah to believe she has an advantage. At the reward challenge, Soka wins and chooses to send Josh, Jamie, and Carson on a journey to find a potential advantage. They are each given an immunity idol but are only effective pre-merge. Josh goes to Tika, where he is greeted warmly but catches Sarah and Yam Yam in a lie, causing them not to trust him.
During the immunity challenge, Tika loses and decides to vote out Josh. Yam Yam suggests Carolyn be a dummy vote, but Carolyn is not happy about it. Josh and Carolyn form a new alliance, and he offers to use his idol to keep her safe. At Tribal Council, Yam Yam and Sarah vote for Josh, while Carolyn and Josh vote for Sarah. Josh plays his immunity idol, resulting in Sarah's elimination.
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In the end, who was voted out in Survivor 44 Episode 4? Josh's swing vote position puts a target on his back, and Carolyn's trap works as planned. However, her trap causes confusion and distrust within the tribe. Despite this, Josh's new alliance with Carolyn keeps him safe, and Sarah is eliminated due to her inability to secure the numbers needed to keep her in the game.

#2. Who has been voted out in Survivor 44 after 4 episodes?

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Survivor contestant Bruce was the first to be medically evacuated from the show. During the first challenge of the season, Bruce gashed his head on a wooden pole while crawling under and over a wooden structure.


In the first episode of Survivor 44, Maddy was eliminated in an unconventional way. The Ratu tribe lost the first challenge, and Maddy and some others targeted Brandon because he found both a Hidden Immunity Idol and a fake one. However, Brandon played his Hidden Immunity Idol during the first vote, canceling Maddy's and her alliance's votes, resulting in her elimination.


In the second episode, the Tika tribe was dominated by the alliance of Helen, Carson, and Sarah, leaving Carolyn and Yam Yam outnumbered. At the tribal council, it seemed like Carolyn was the obvious choice to be voted out, but she managed to convince Carson to join her and Yam Yam to eliminate Helen in a surprising 3-2 vote.
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Who Was Voted Out In Survivor 44 Episode 4Source: CBS


In Episode 3 of Survivor, Claire received an unfavorable title for sitting out three consecutive immunity challenges for the Soka tribe. When the tribe eventually lost their first immunity and was forced to attend the tribal council, Claire became an easy target. She attempted to split up the "nerdmance" of Matt and Frannie with Josh but ultimately failed when her Shot in the Dark was unsuccessful, leading to a 3-0 vote against her.


In the fourth episode, Josh played his Immunity Idol at the tribal council. Carolyn and Sarah had their own Idols but neither chose to play them, leaving all three of them vulnerable to being voted out. The first two votes were void due to being cast for Josh, while the final two votes were for a shocked Sarah. Josh and Carolyn's plan backfired, leading to Sarah's elimination by a 2-0 vote.
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