Who Plays Zava In Ted Lasso Season 3? Is Zava Based On A Real Person?

Who Plays Zava In Ted Lasso Season 3? Is Zava Based On A Real Person? Hey guys! If you're a fan of Ted Lasso, you might want to know that season 3 has introduced a new character named Zava. While the show has mostly relied on the same cast, Zava is a footballer who wants to play in the Premier League. He's got a bit of a checkered past, having switched clubs many times, but despite that, teams like AFC Richmond, West Ham, and Chelsea all express interest in him.
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Zava only has a minor role in episode 2, but his decision to sign with AFC Richmond means he will likely play a bigger part in the remaining episodes. So keep an eye out for him! And remember, even if you're not a fan of football, there's plenty to love about Ted Lasso - it's a heartwarming and hilarious show that's perfect for a lazy afternoon binge-watch.

#1. Who Plays Zava In Ted Lasso Season 3?

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Hey there! As a fan of Ted Lasso, you might be interested to know that Maximilian Osinski is the actor who plays Zava in season 3. You might not recognize him at first, though - he wears sunglasses and has minimal lines in his first appearance. Osinski is best known for his role as Agent Davis in Agents of SHIELD, where he appeared in 27 episodes.
Zava is a confident soccer player who wants to prove that he's still a star with AFC Richmond. His addition to the team could create chaos, as Jamie Tartt seems to feel a sense of danger around him. However, Dani Rojas looks up to Zava as an idol and is thrilled to be on the same team as him. Ultimately, Zava decides to sign with AFC Richmond, despite being approached by an enraged Rebecca from West Ham United.
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It remains to be seen how Zava's addition will affect the team dynamic, and whether his attitude will clash with the selfless ethos that Ted has established. But one thing is for sure - Maximilian Osinski will have a fun role to play as Zava in the remaining episodes of Ted Lasso season 3. So keep watching, and enjoy the ride!

#2. Is Zava Based On A Real Person?

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Although Zava is a made-up character in Ted Lasso, there is little question that he is influenced by genuine occurrences. Zava, the character in Ted Lasso, is inspired by Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a Swedish professional footballer. Zava's name and appearance are both similar to Zlatan's, and they share similar characteristics such as being a diva, having a strong love for themselves, and switching teams frequently. Zlatan has played for ten different clubs, including Juventus, and won 34 trophies, and scored almost 570 career goals. In contrast, Zava is described as a journeyman who has played for 14 teams in 15 years.
In the show, Zava is leaving his Italian club because his wife wants to live in England, and he is a world-class striker. Zava's "diva" status may upset the chemistry of the team, as in Zlatan's history, where his short stint at Barcelona ended in a feud with the coach. Like Zava, Ibrahimovic also played for Juventus in the earlier stages of his career, won consecutive league titles with the team, and then moved to Inter Milan. Later, he was sold to Barcelona for £59 million, scored 22 goals in his first season, but had a falling out with the coach. Zava's character in the show is loved by all and feared by all, but Rebecca challenges him instead of sucking up to him, which helps win Zava over to AFC Richmond. Ibrahimovic also has an odd personality and occasionally speaks in the third person, just like Zava. Ibrahimovic is still playing at 41 years old, and his career trajectory is similar to Zava's. Zava's character is modeled after Ibrahimovic, who is described as a living legend and the best striker to play the game of football.
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