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  1. Is Citra Pregnant In 90 Day Fiance?
  2. Why Are Viewers Suspicious Of Her Pregnancy?
  3. Who Is The Possible Baby Daddy To Citra's Baby Bump?

Is Citra Pregnant In 90 Day Fiance? The Truth Behind The Rumors!

Remember Citra, the Indonesian beauty engaged to Missouri's dock worker hunk Sam? Well, ever since they hit the screens in 90 Days Fiancé season 10, whispers about a bun in the oven have been swirling louder than Sam's boat engine. But is Citra really pregnant on 90 day fiancé? And if so, who's the lucky papa? Let's dive into the juicy gossip and figure out what's really cookin' in their relationship.

Key takeaways:

  • Citra, an Indonesian woman, is engaged and married to Sam, a Missouri dockworker, on 90 Day Fiance.
  • Citra has been posting photos of her baby bump on Instagram, sparking rumors that she is pregnant with Sam or another man.
  • Citra and Sam have not confirmed or denied the rumors, and they have kept their pregnancy details private.

Is Citra Pregnant In 90 Day Fiance?

The short answer to the question of whether Citra is pregnant on 90 Days Fiancé or not is: yes, she is. Citra has been posting photos of her baby bump on Instagram since October 2023, and she has confirmed in the comments that she is expecting a baby. She has also thanked her followers for their congratulations and blessings.
However, Citra has not revealed much more information about her pregnancy, such as the gender, the due date, or the father of her baby. She has only referred to her baby as “my little angel” or “my miracle”, and she has not tagged or mentioned Sam, her husband, in any of her posts. She has also not shown Sam’s face in any of her photos with her baby bump, only his hand or his back.
This has led to some speculation and rumors among the fans of 90 Day Fiancé, who have wondered if Citra is really pregnant with Sam or another man. Some fans have also doubted that Citra is pregnant at all, and have suggested that she might be wearing a fake belly for attention, drama, or money. However, these rumors have not been confirmed or denied by Citra or Sam, and they might be just baseless assumptions.

Why Are Viewers Suspicious Of Her Pregnancy?

is citra pregnant 90 day fiance
Here's the twist: some folks think her belly's bigger than a typical few-month bump, and it seems to morph in size and shape depending on the angle or outfit. Plus, she rarely shows her whole self, mainly focusing on the bump or cradling hands.
Intriguing, right? Here's what's fueling the "fake bump" whispers:
  • Shape-shifting belly: The bump seems to have a life of its own, going from round to flat, big to small, depending on the pic.
  • Camera shy: Citra keeps her face and full body hidden in most bump pics, like the belly's the star of the show.
  • Sam's MIA: No hubby in sight in any of the bump photos, and not a single mention of him in her pregnancy posts.
  • Vague vibes: Her Íntagram captions are all about "little angels" and "miracles," but no juicy details like due dates, gender reveals, or doctor visits.
These clues have some fans thinking Citra's playing the pregnancy card for attention, drama, or maybe even some sweet social media moolah. But hold your horses, because these are just whispers in the wind, nothing confirmed by Citra or Sam. Maybe she's keeping things private for personal reasons, like a medical condition or just wanting to enjoy this special time without the online circus. The camera angle or a filter could also be playing tricks on those bump pics.
Until Citra and Sam open up, the who-is-the-daddy mystery remains unsolved. But hey, at least we're entertained, right? In the next chapter, we'll dive deeper into Sam, Citra's hubby, and their relationship journey. 

Who Is The Possible Baby Daddy To Citra's Baby Bump?

Who Is The Potential Father?
So, the big question: who's the papa bear to Citra's little cub? The most obvious choice is her hubby, Sam Wilson. They've been rockin' it for three years, tying the knot in September 2023. Citra's sister even spilled the wedding beans on Instagram, with a radiant Citra in a gorgeous white dress and veil. Sam posted a swoon-worthy pic of them too, captioning it "Love you, wifey!" The rumor mill might be churning about who fathered Citra's baby, but one thing's for sure: she's definitely hitched to her Missouri beau! Sam and Citra locked it down on September 10th, 2023, with Citra looking radiant in a white dress and Sam beaming beside her. Their Instagram accounts are proof, full of lovey-dovey pics and captions like "I love you, wifey!" from Sam.
Sam, this 30-year-old dockworker, clicked with Citra on a dating app three years back. But their journey wasn't smooth sailing. Cultural and religious differences tugged at their bond, and Sam's past struggles with addiction added another layer. He even faced potential jail time for a medication mishap. Yet, their love held strong. Sam decided to embrace Islam and wait till marriage to get intimate, all for Citra.
Now, they're about to navigate a whole new adventure: parenthood! Citra's baby bump pics (a bit of an online mystery themselves) are undeniable clues. While she keeps the due date and gender under wraps, the "little angel" and "miracle" captions hint at the joy in her heart.
Citra and Sam might not be your typical 90 Day Fiancé couple, but they show how love can blossom despite distance, cultural clashes, and personal battles. They're proof that commitment and understanding can make anything possible. As they embark on this new chapter as parents, we're sending them all the love and good vibes!
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