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Nikki From 90 Day Fiance As A Man Photos - Is Nikki Exotika A Trans?

Yes. Nikki is a trans woman, making her the third transgender person in the history of the franchise after Gabe Paboga and Cleo. Nicole Sanders, known as Nikki Exotika on TLC's "90 Day Fiancé," has become a well-known trans star on the show.

Her journey, filled with significant transformations and an evolving relationship, shows a different story in the reality TV world. This article explores Nikki's story, focusing on her change and the development of her relationship with her partner, Justin. Here are an untapped list of Nikki from 90 Day Fiance as a man photos.


Nikki From 90 Day Fiance As A Man Story - Before And After Photos

Source: TLC
Nikki's journey on "90 Day Fiancé" is an engaging story of understanding, change, and love. 
In "90 Day Fiancé" season 10, viewers meet Nikki Exotika, a trans woman from Hoboken, New Jersey. Nikki, at 47 years old, rekindles her romance with the 26-year-old Igor, also known as Justin, whom she first met in Moldova 17 years ago. The couple's journey has been ups and downs, filled with their split and reunion.
Nikki's transformation journey is key to her story on the show. Nikki underwent her gender reassignment surgery when she was 19 years old. Since then, she's been living her life in “stealth,” as she never told anyone that she was born a biological male.
Nikki didn't even intend to tell Justin about it. She happened to accidentally blurt it out two years after they started dating. The reveal to Justin, two years into their dating, caused a short breakup, leaving Justin in shock and depression.
Her experience shows the challenges of relationships when one partner is trans, especially in a traditional setting like Moldova. Nikki's bravery in living her truth and looking for understanding from Justin and his family captures the challenges many trans individuals face.
Nikki's relationship with her mother, Myrna, also reflects the struggles and eventual understanding trans individuals often face. Initially, Myrna was not accepting of Nikki's decision to transition and thought Nikki would become a "freak."
This caused a tough relationship during Nikki's teenage years. However, over time, Myrna's perspective changed, and she now fully accepts and loves Nikki as her daughter.
Regarding Nikki's appearance, she has spent a lot on cosmetic surgery, calling herself the "Million Dollar Barbie." From nose jobs to jaw reshaping and cheek implants, Nikki has had numerous surgeries to achieve her wanted appearance. Notably, she was one of the first users of calf implants in 1995 and has even thought about changing her eye color. 
The show also delves into Nikki's many cosmetic surgeries, showcasing her commitment to achieving her ideal look. Her honesty about these surgeries and her gender change surgery offers viewers an honest view into the life of someone transitioning.

Meet Nikki Exotika

Early Life

Born on January 27, Nikki knew she was different from a young age, feeling a strong connection to feminine interests like makeup and Barbie dolls. Known as Jason Torres during her school days, she faced significant challenges including homophobia and bullying. Nikki's realization of being in the “wrong body” was a pivotal part of her childhood and teenage years.


Nikki met Justin, 17 years her junior, in Moldova via a dating site. Their engagement led Justin to the U.S. on a K-1 visa, but Nikki's secret about her gender identity caused a temporary split. After years of separation and personal growth, Nikki and Justin are exploring their relationship again on "90 Day Fiancé."


Aspirations & Influences: Growing up, Nikki idolized Barbie and Madonna, dreaming of becoming an MTV star.
Diverse Talents: Nikki is not only a licensed cosmetologist but also an actor, singer, and dancer.
Media Appearances: She has appeared in "Transtasia," a documentary, and formed America's first trans pop group, Secret Girls.

Physical Appearance

Transformation: Nikki underwent gender reassignment surgery at 19, along with several other procedures, including three nose jobs and breast augmentation, in her quest to resemble Barbie.
Investment in Appearance: Her transformation has been extensive and costly, reflecting her commitment to achieving her desired appearance.

TV Shows & Movies

  • 90 Day Fiancé: Nikki's journey of love and identity is a central theme in Season 10 of the show.
  • Documentary Participation: She was featured in "Transtasia" in 2006, offering insights into her life as a transgender individual.

Social Media

Instagram Influence: With over 1.3 million followers, Nikki shares glimpses of her glamorous life, travels, and romantic moments with Justin.
Public Persona: Through her social media, Nikki has become an influential figure, advocating for trans rights and sharing her journey with a global audience.
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