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  1. Who Is Austin Reaves’s Girlfriend, Taylor Swift Or Jenna Barber?
  2. Details On Jenna Barber
  3. Austin Reaves’ Love Story
  4. Jenna Barber Always Support Austin Reaves’s Basketball Career
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Who Is Austin Reaves’s Girlfriend? Taylor Swift? Let’s Explore The Truth

Rumors are swirling around Austin Reaves' girlfriend, with whispers that the renowned Taylor Swift might be in the picture. The gossip mill started churning after a night out in Arkansas. However, everyone knows the basketball player is falling in love with a girl named Jenna Barber.
So, is there any truth to this intriguing story? Dig in this article to find out who Austin Reaves’s true love.

Who Is Austin Reaves’s Girlfriend, Taylor Swift Or Jenna Barber?

Jenna Barber is Austin Reaves’s current girlfriend, not Taylor Swift.
In June 2023, a tweet began circulating rumors, “Following her breakup, Taylor Swift was reportedly seen in an Arkansas Bar this weekend with star Laker basketball player Austin Reaves.” . Spencer Reaves, Austin's brother, reacted with a series of six laughing emojis. 
He also responded to another tweet related to the rumor, expressing his disbelief, "People believe everything, huh?" It's important to note that Austin Reaves himself completely denied this rumor.

Details On Jenna Barber

Details On Jenna Barber Source: Google Images
Jenna Barber, Austin Reaves' girlfriend, comes  from Newark, Arkansas, USA. She was born to parents Sandra and Brian Barber and grew up in her hometown. Jenna has a twin sister named Jordan Wheeler and a younger sister named Jaden Barber. 
For her education, she chose to stay in her home state, where she attended the University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville. There, she earned an associate's degree in science.

Jenna truly enjoys an active outdoor lifestyle. Her social media is filled with pictures of her hiking, biking, horseback riding, and even enjoying beach outings.

Golf is another passion that she shares with Austin Reaves. In June 2023, the couple attended the U.S. Open together, and Jenna posted their pictures on Facebook, emphasizing their love for golf.

She wrote, "You can always catch us on a golf course." Jenna also shared a photo of Reaves playing golf, adding the caption, “always have to find the nearest golf courses." Their shared love for sports clearly plays a significant role in their relationship. 


Austin Reaves’ Love Story

Austin Reaves’ Love Story Source: Google Images
Jenna Barber and Austin Reaves' love story began during their time at Cedar Ridge High School in Newark, Arkansas, where they both grew up. Remarkably, their relationship has endured despite the challenges of a long-distance romance. The New York Post reported that the couple's love story dates back to 2014, although Reaves has never publicly confirmed their relationship.
While Reaves initially attended Wichita State for college, he later transferred to Oklahoma, where he flourished into a collegiate basketball star and NBA prospect. 
During this time, Barber pursued her education at Arkansas Community College and the University of Arkansas, graduating in 2022. She's been working at a pharmaceutical company since 2019 and has been a dedicated presence at numerous Lakers games, wholeheartedly supporting Reaves.

Jenna Barber Always Support Austin Reaves’s Basketball Career

Jenna Barber is undoubtedly Austin Reaves' most dedicated fan. In the summer of 2023, they traveled to the FIBA Basketball World Cup together and Barber took to Facebook to share their adventures. She posted photos and videos of Reaves in action on the basketball court and also captured their moments of playing golf and relaxing on the beach.
Throughout the 2022-2023 season, Jenna continuously showered Reaves with support. After a Lakers game in Los Angeles in January, she expressed her affection on Facebook, writing “some of my favorite things: lakers basketball, traveling, good company, & #15."
She also attended the Lakers’ playoffs in May 2023 to support her boyfriend. She shared a series of photos on and off the court on Facebook with the caption “3-1 baby!!!! such a fun chapter in life.”


The rumor that Taylor Swift is Austin Reaves’ girlfriend is not true. The basketball boy has loved Jenna Barber for a long time so when the gossip awaked, he immediately denied it. This sweet couple is continuing to write their love story. They don't hesitate to share precious moments together on social media. We hope they'll keep the flame of their love burning, and we look forward to witnessing their wedding in the near future.
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