30 Most Chaotic And Hilarious Internet Jokes To Start Off Your Month Right

Last month is officially over, and as much as we don't want to admit it, we only have a few months left this year.

So, how was your last month? If you've had a productive month, congratulations. But if you're like us and feel like you're falling behind in your life goals and work schedule, then reading this post is what you need to destress and take a break from everything. These Hilarious Internet Jokes are also hilarious.

To kick off the month with lots of laughter and refreshment, here is our collection of the funniest jokes people shared this month. From jokes about the latest trends on the Internet to jokes about cringe-worthy events, they will make you laugh and uplift your mood so you can keep going back to work and school. So, what are you waiting for? Let's have some quality time by scrolling down and reading this post. Enjoy these The Most Funniest And Funniest Jokes On The Internet

#1. Down bad is an understatement

Hilarious Internet JokesSource: Bologna_Salad

#2. Yup, that man deserves a break

Hilarious Internet JokesSource: VicOnTheWeb

#3. This species is not going to last

Hilarious Internet JokesSource: rldoomer

#4. “The spaghetti will see you now”

Hilarious Internet JokesSource: PleaseBeGneiss

#5. Video game coins is such a great synonym

Hilarious Internet JokesSource: glxtterprxncess


Hilarious Internet JokesSource: Rickymonreal702

#7. “Have I met her before”

Hilarious Internet JokesSource: IsabelSteckel

#8. hahaha

Hilarious Internet JokesSource: 23luvr

#9. "She says that's the only queen that matters lol"

Hilarious Internet JokesSource: JadeForeverr_

#10. "That's Auntie Loretta, she used to change your diaper"

Hilarious Internet JokesSource: mickeywon234

#11. Gonna tell this to my next relative who said they knew me as a baby.

Source: LukeMones

#12. "It’s not just Mercury. It’s a whole mess of planets in Gatorade"

Source: sessh0m0ru

#13. Also me to my plate of fajitas at the Mexican restaurant

Source: takeyourzoloft

#14. I feel seen and attacked at the same time LMFAO

Source: chunkbardey

#15. This:

Source: ogm4xb_

#16. It’s always easier getting up than getting down…

Source: imcarpediem_

#17. It's probably to give you extra time to think about your choices

Source: alxxsandia99

#18. Hard truths before 10 am

Source: tristehomo

#19. Someone finally said this

Source: xavierofficials

#20. "My sticky icky shoes baby"

Source: layzchipz

#21. "Timothy Chevrolet"

Source: uncoolboyfriend

#22. What was your favorite chapter?

Source: AdamRippon

#23. At this moment you start to think if what you wanna buy is a need or a want:

Source: thahumorguy

#24. He looks like he's trying to sell development acreage near the pyramids!

Source: pk_kenzie

#25. I mean, dogs are too damn precious

Source: ih8rts

#26. "We have a lot to discuss in your next session..."

Source: wnbagirlfriend

#27. As they should

Source: heyjaeee

#28. Glad it ends

Source: imranlawehh

#29. Disturbed by the number of people who will ruin a good fall outfit by "taking off their jacket":

Source: dieworkwear

#30. Those extracurriculars doing a lot of heavy lifting


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