25 Pics That Prove People On The Internet Are So Weird, They're Even F*** With The Baked Beans

So… beans. When it comes to them, you might think of chickpeas, kidneys, pintos, etc. They are small and delicate; you can even call them cute. However, imagine that there are many, many beans, especially baked beans, coated in sauce and crammed into places that you’d never thought of, such as your glass, your house slipper, or your deodorant. A little gross, right? Well, let’s just say the gross only goes up from here.
Exactly what is it about baked beans that have captured the imagination of the cursed side of the internet? Perhaps it's the slimy texture or their weirdly uniform appearance. Whatever the reason, there are many strange individuals out there who keep putting them in unappetizing places that are about as far as you could possibly get from a plate. It's difficult to keep looking at these oddly placed beans, but it's also hard to look away. So scroll down and check them all out, enjoy LOL!

#1. "A relaxing beanful evening."

Source: mallaselina

#2. "Some new dice my girlfriend got me for Christmas."

Source: cricketcappuccino

#3. "I'm addicted help!"

Source: creepyuncle14535

#4. "The deed has bean done"

Source: faqi-

#5. Ear beans.

Source: Jondo1214

#6. Beanny:

Source: Tesly_rus

#7. "Turns out that Baked Beans is not a good computer coolant."

Source: Mr_Loaf

#8. Vasselbean

Source: memes_lolol

#9. "That’s some good beaning solution"

Source: KBGtheMemeLord

#10. "Still a better love story than...ah nvm."

Source: yuhboipo

#11. A beantism:

Source: yaboiiiuhhhh

#12. "A blessed drink."

Source: Buzz_hero

#13. Bean puffs:

Source: incestalabama69

#14. Now that’s what I call baked beans!

Source: russiagod

#15. Beans with lemon juice. Extra juicy!

Source: errorsans23

#16. Most importantly, they protecc from the stress.

Source: juli_69

#17. Hmmm.

Source: SomeCow4

#18. A classic!

Source: AllThisFakeFruit

#19. A good quality shot of bean!

Source: kimaynard

#20. "What have you been up to?" "Bean painting"

Source: Senior_spook

#21. "It’s very important to ensure that your hands are frequently sanitized during these troubled times."

Source: cjpickles1003

#22. Ah, British bubble tea!

Source: RiverFlowingCactus

#23. "Don’t mind me, just bringing a little snack to work."

Source: originalbigdickmcgee

#24. Toilet bean.

Source: reddit

#25. Yeah, why?

Source: whythebeans

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