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  1. She's Pretty Smart
  2. Doggo
  3. Alright Bro Chill
  4. Forever Oblivious
  5. The Chicken Who Missed The Joke
  6. He Was There When Ceasar Died

Oblivious People Who Missed The Joke So Hard, They Became The Joke

According to statistics, an average person spends nearly two and a half hours a day on social media alone. What social media has to attract people that much? Perhaps it's because these platforms are full of all kinds of humor that can make us laugh for the whole day. funny memes, classic jokes, and puns, the internet seems like never run out of ideas when trying to make people laugh. And among all of them, the best kind of humor should be the unintentional one.

You know, people make fake or satire posts to poke some fun but unintentionally make some strangers all fired up, then proceed to expose their lack of awareness. Awkward! SomeĀ people who missed the joke feel they need to lecture the posters whom they think are idiots, unaware that they themselves have become the joke. It's just weird and also hilarious that even the most obvious jokes still manage to catch some fish. Let's scroll down to take a look at the pictures below. We believe that you'll have a good dose of laughter reading this article.

She's Pretty Smart

She's Pretty Smart Source: the Internet

Drowning Explained By BOZO

What A BozoSource: The Internet


Doggo Source: the Internet

You Had 1 Job, Ivana

Damn ye IvanaSource: the Internet

Alright Bro Chill

Alright bro chill Source: Internet

Oh For Real?

oh for real?Source: the Internet

Forever Oblivious

Forever Oblivious Source: the Internet

The Unbearable Idiocy

Redditor who missed the jokeSource: the Internet

The Chicken Who Missed The Joke

The Chicken Who Missed The Joke Source: the Internet

The Anger Of The Wanker

People who missed the joke watch p*rn tooSource: the Internet

He Was There When Ceasar Died

people who missed the joke did not miss Ceasar Source: the Internet

The Joke Flew Over The Ornithologist's Head

Bird man missed the jokeSource: the Internet

You're Lost!

That's The Point

Oops, They're Looking At The 3rd One

Can You See That Money Tree?

Oh, Is That So?


That Mass Confusion

Can't Believe It's fake. It Looks So Convincing!

You Think So?

Madagascar The Movie

That Lost Soul

That Girl Looks Beefy

They Probably Found It Out Themselves

Downvote This

Still Wondering. Do You See Anyone Here?

Pretty Sure That's Ed Sheeran

This Person Underestimated The Power Of Nokia


Why Not?

Jokes On Who?

No, It's N*pple!

This One Poor Soul

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