25 Of The Weirdest, Wildest And Funniest Things People Have Ever Spotted In Traffic

Driving alone in your car can be dull as hell at times, but once in a while, something or someone on the open road can remind you that you are not out there all alone. And these lucky folks on this list just happened to be driving when they decided to take out their phones and snap some photos. While this is not a safe thing to do, we get it. But it's not like every day you come across a babushka hanging behind a truck or a dog driving a car. So buckle up and keep reading to check out this hysterical gallery of the wildest stuff people have spotted in traffic. Check out The weirdest and funniest things in traffic here
From stupid license plates to people doing bizarre multitasking, these people will prove that they just do not give a flying eff about what we think. So just put on "Born to Run" and scroll down below to see some hilarious photos of drivers letting loose. If you enjoyed these, share them with your friends and family to laugh at on your next road trip! Things People Spotted In Traffic are hilarious.

#1. Humble AF.

Source: ASquared150

#2. Always take good care of your skin.

Source: Unknown

#3. There's a hydrant missing somewhere...

Source: brokendollparts

#4. When you like your trunk so much you get a second one:

Source: Schrodingers_Nachos

#5. "Felt extra safe on the roads today."

Spotted In TrafficSource: swankyhigh

#6. Meanwhile, in Pennsyltucky...

Source: stefanie_lynnnn

#7. Somebody is not having a great morning...

Source: NotTanner

#8. How convenience!

Source: staticflickr

#9. Well, it's not wrong tho.

Source: uberhumor

#10. Babushka’s creed:

Spotted In TrafficSource: diablek

#11. Herbie is that you?!

Spotted In TrafficSource: Maklo_Never_Forget

#12. Just bending the rules of physics.

Source: Unknown

#13. Shield: activated

Source: arkido

#14. He's not a good driver, but he's still a good boy.

Source: vajay-z

#15. Looks like Thor lost his hammer again.

Spotted In TrafficSource: Nichole5126

#16. "F*ck it, we gotta get there."

Source: Turtletwoshells

#17. Somewhere in Vietnam:

Spotted In TrafficSource: reddit

#18. Are those blankets?

Spotted In TrafficSource: Unknown

#19. "Woody, hang tight!"

Source: Rhyno001

#20. Jeanius!

Spotted In TrafficSource: ctoan8

#21. "I've waited so long for this moment."

Spotted In TrafficSource: brodesto

#22. Impressive!

Spotted In TrafficSource: Unknown

#23. If it fit, I sit:

Spotted In TrafficSource: saigoneer

#24. I have so many questions right now.

Source: Unknown

#25. I'm pretty sure this is not going to end well.

Source: Unknown

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