26 Long-Legged People Around The World That Will Make You Feel Tiny

What is the weather like up there? Do you play basketball? Were you always this tall? That is just a bite-sized list of the types of questions we love to "attack" tall people daily. Then most of them will smile, chuckle, and get on with their day. However, it only becomes obvious when a long-legged person stands next to a short person for comparison. And this often creates comical tall vs. short situations where tall people look like real-life giants from fairy tales, and short people start to resemble the tenacious hobbits from fantasy movies.
To brighten up your week with some humor, we have curated a list of people who are so tall they will make you feel tiny. So scroll down, enjoy, and share this post with your long-legged friends!

#1. "Me and my 6’4” date to our rowing formal'

Long-Legged PeopleSource: stuckat5ft

#2. "My short mom sends our family photos of her with really tall people"

Long-Legged PeopleSource: gusmom

#3. Nice shirt.

Long-Legged PeopleSource: lockenator

#4. "My friend and I in a kitchen in Copenhagen"

Long-Legged PeopleSource: imgur

#5. "A friend of mine at a recent checkup."

Source: imgur

#6. "Yao Ming visited my girlfriends' restaurant, she's 4'11"

Source: ZOlDBERG

#7. Protection comes in all shapes and sizes.

Source: dydbyb

#8. The look on the girl’s face says it all.

Source: thedutchgiant

#9. She could use his T-shirt as a dress.

Source: howareya79

#10. "I’m 6’7” (2 meters) and went to get some tailored shirts made while traveling in Vietnam... they had to get out the ladder to take my measurements."

Source: The_Trip_Doctor

#11. "My incredibly small friend ran into an incredibly tall person."

Source: spookydoom

#12. Either she is really short, or he is really tall.

Source: reddit

#13. This is my attempt at taking a shower when we went on vacation on our family's boat...

Source: imgur

#14. 6'0" woman and her minions

Source: dragula15

#15. "I love my job, but can't wait to get hired into a larger airplane."

Long-Legged PeopleSource: av8id

#16. Caution "ouch" overhead.

Source: SimplyTim90

#17. Jesus, how tall are you?

Source: cmazmanian

#18. How to talk with short people:

Long-Legged PeopleSource: kikehndez

#19. "Me with my best friend. She’s 4’11”, and I’m 6’1"

Long-Legged PeopleSource: thelionmermaid

#20. Took away the spotlight.

Long-Legged PeopleSource: aint_it_the_life

#21. What's it like up there?

Source: megustapasta

#22. That's exactly how giraffes eat.

Long-Legged PeopleSource: h3adph0n3s

#23. "This is how my mum and I hug now"

Source: reddit

#24. "My colleagues sometimes get mistaken for my children."

Long-Legged PeopleSource: reddit

#25. Just a tall tourist using an ATM in South East Asia...

Long-Legged PeopleSource: Kyorind

#26. Lastly, get yourself somebody who looks at you the way her dad is looking at her boyfriend.

Long-Legged PeopleSource: thomaz721

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