24 Situations That Amused And Surprised Us At The Same Time

Without a doubt, what adds a rich flavor and keeps our lives fun and interesting are the different emotions that we go through during the day. But every once in a blue moon, life gets so absurd that we can’t decide whether a situation should warm our heart or simply break it. And even though these types of sights confuse us, they can leave a powerful imprint on our memory and stay engraved there for decades. As a result, here are 24 situations that both amused and surprised us; Keep reading to find out what they are.
From everyday mishaps to wholesome finds, these situations offer us a tornado of emotions on a silver platter. What are you waiting for? Scroll down as we share these awesome photos that will make you react in all kinds of ways.

#1. "Thought this man had big holes in his socks…nope he just wears the ankles of the socks."

Source: buzinizman

#2. How this 10yr old brother opened his lego set:

Source: hoolielujah

#3. "Think I just made my boyfriend a puppy milk latte."

Source: MBitesss

#4. "I think there is something wrong with my cat."

Source: Bobatea

#5. This door:

Source: Ilo722

#6. This desktop:

Source: NeoScythe525

#7. Water bottle shrank in the wash.

Source: xJWzZ

#8. Frozen spaghetti for two in North Dakota.

Source: ezman10

#9. "This is how my wife eats burritos/wraps."

Source: KingOfHearts94

#10. This floor tile at LaGuardia Airport has a house key embedded in it.

Source: booketh

#11. "We never seem to get many people to knock at the door for some reason..."

Source: cheesemongrelette

#12. In 1983, a man from California wrote to Steve Jobs requesting an autograph.

Source: Ok-Toe-6969

#13. So the vacuum cleaner doesn't work...

Source: ireadforthearticle

#14. Glasses, with heels:

Source: shewalkinglikea

#15. This 4 oz chunk of Doritos seasoning:

Source: Educational_Word_647

#16. "Our neighbors invited us to a party and told us that they'd provide snacks. They didn't disappoint."

Source: JephriB

#17. This Desaturated Santa costume. (And no, not photoshopped)

Source: brodyqat

#18. "Good times in Peru!"

Source: L1011TriStar

#19. At the Louvre.

Source: conte-candy

#20. That is a wonderful accomplishment and much harder to achieve staying at the same company.

Source: MoniMokshith

#21. A jug of shampoo.

Source: MamboNumber5Guy

#22. "My wife has a tiny spatula to get the last bit of lotion out of the container."

Source: beeranden

#23. "Amazon worker left a movie review with my order."

Source: deshende

#24. This bath bomb.

Source: frogmug

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