11 Actors and Actresses Who Were Completely 100% Wrong For Their Roles, According to Ordinary People

It’s a hard job for casting directors when choosing only one person among hundreds of actors to portray a certain role. Despite dozens of choices, they sometimes make a mistake, opting for an actor and actress that is not cut out for the role. The wrong one not only makes the crew disappointed but also puts the audience out of the story.
One Reddit user asked others “What actor/actress was completely 100% wrong for the role?” and an intense debate sparked off with over 32 thousand comments. These people thought that some actors were unfit for the character while others were too far off the described look in the books.
Keep scrolling down to find out who they are and what their roles are. And you can see more here: Movie Roles That Left the Audience Really Disappointed and 12 Times Actors Cast For a Movie Was a Huge Disappointment

#1 The cast of Riverdale (2017)

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Any movie that takes place in high school, but all the actors are in their 20s or 30s. (symphonicrox)

#2 Colin Farrell as Alexander The Great

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Colin Farrell as Alexander the Great. As one of my old University professors once said, "I wouldn't follow that guy to the end of my DRIVEWAY". (thecyberbard)

#3 Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher

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Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher. If you’ve read the book he is the exact physical opposite of the character as written. (gardengnome15)

#4 Kristen Stewart as Snow White

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Her performance was solid, but the looks were all wrong. Also I found it funny how Sam Clafflin was such a boy and Hemsworth such a 'hardcore' man. And then she chooses Clafflin? Girl, stay single. (exploding_shadows)

#5 Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor

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No kidding this was awful. One casting I thought was perfect though was lex on supergirl played by Jon Cryer. He seems like such a pussy on two and a half men and was amazing on supergirl. (lasersoflros)

#6 Jared Leto as Joker

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I don't think Leto's Joker was problematic because of Leto. Or at least not entirely because of him. That whole movie is garbage, which to me says the problem source is higher up at the director or producer level. (EclecticDreck)

#7 Keanu Reeves as Jonathan Harker

Source: Columbia Pictures

Keanu Reeves as Jonathan Harker in Dracula (1992). He's charming and pretty, but he shouldn't have been in this cast against such titans as Gary Oldman and Anthony Hopkins. And the English accent was atrocious. In over his head. It's like Jennifer Lopez trying to sing a Céline Dion song. (SatynMalanaphy)

#8 Emma Watson as Belle

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Emma Watson as Belle in beauty and the beast. I actually thought she was the perfect choice before I saw it. But Belles main qualities are supposed to be her warmth and kindness, and it felt like Emma was genuinely judging all the people living in her town. She’s a good Hermione though. (allisonofgreengables)

She was just not right for that role. For one, she can't sing, and the role all but requires someone who can belt. For another she seemed too "small" for the role. Not in literal size, but she seemed to lack the force of personality and self-confidence. Belle to me is a strong female character actually done right, and Emma Watson seemed like a girl in a woman's role. (caesarfecit)

#9 Sophie Turner as Jean Gray

Source: 20th Century Fox

Maybe an unpopular opinion, but Sophie Turner as Jean Gray. I like her as an actress, but I just couldn’t get into it. I felt like she struggled with hiding her accent. (mmacaluso915)

#10 Cameron Diaz as Jenny Everdeane in Gangs of New York

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It’s the only time I’ve really be pulled out of a movie because the casting didn’t seem right. (akchemy)

#11 Cameron Diaz as Hannigan in the 2014 Annie remake

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Cameron Diaz was horrible in the 2014 Annie remake. She hasn't made a movie since. (ShadyIce)
This is also her final film role before her subsequent retirement from acting from 2014 to 2022.
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