12 Times Actors Cast For a Movie Was a Huge Disappointment But Ended Up Winning Over Millions of Fans

Casting actors is an important part of the success of a movie but it’s also been a controversial issue over the years. Before officially releasing a movie, producers often introduce the cast, and many times it became a disappointment for the audience. It is more controversial for a film adaptation of a popular book or a remake of a favorite. At that time, not only the producers but also chosen actors come under attack.
Sometimes, the criticism is so fierce that forces the filmmaker to change the cast. While some actors decide to leave the projects, others keep working hard to fulfill their roles as well as possible. Despite the challenge, actors with incredible resilience and massive effort ended up being very successful.
Below are actors who rose to the challenge and ended up being very successful.

#1 Anne Hathaway — Catwoman

Source: © The Dark Knight Rises / Warner Bros. and co-producers

When it was revealed that director Christopher Nolan had cast Anne Hathaway for the role of Catwoman for “The Dark Knight Rises”, audiences doubted whether such a sweet and sophisticated actress could convincingly play the scandalous thief. Eventually, the actress succeeded in portraying the role.

#2 Zendaya — Mary Jane Watson

Source: © Spider-Man: No Way Home / Columbia Pictures and co-producers

Zendaya was criticized for her role as Mary Jane in the new Spider-Man comic book adaptation because she doesn’t look like the Mary Jane of any previous version. The filmmakers decided to let her play Michelle “MJ” Jones-Watson which was based on Mary Jane. The audience really likes the new character because of her maturity and praised Zendaya’s performance. The actress won the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress.

#3 Johnny Depp — Edward Scissorhands

Source: © Edward Scissorhands / Twentieth Century Fox and co-producers

Tim Burton saw potential in Johnny Depp so he decided to cast the actor for the role of Edward Scissorhands. Depp fulfilled perfectly this role and the film was deemed a success.

#4 Alicia Vikander — Lara Croft

Source: © Tomb Raider / Warner Bros. and co-producers

It was a challenge for Alicia Vikander to play Lara Croft, especially preciously Angelina Jolie in playing this role. Alicia Vikander focused on the personality of the character, not on her appearance. As a result, the audience praised her performance. What matters is the confidence, determination, and steadfastness of the character, all of which Vikander demonstrated brilliantly.

#5 Matthew Macfadyen — Mr. Darcy

Source: © Pride & Prejudice / Focus Features and co-producers

Initially, the audience was disappointed with the choice of Matthew Macfadyen as the lead actor in the new adaptation of “Pride and Prejudice” though they agreed that he’s certainly a great guy. Contrary to the comments, the actor played the character in his own way and it turned out his Mr. Darcy was not much arrogant as socially aloof and grimly handsome. Both critics and fans love his performance.

#6 Keira Knightley — Elizabeth Bennet

Source: © Pride & Prejudice / Focus Features and co-producers

Keira Knightley was the official choice for the role of Elizabeth Bennet and the audience didn’t like this. They complained that the actress was too pretty for the role. With her acting skill, she conquered millions of hearts and even received Oscar and Golden Globe nominations for her performance.

#7 Jennifer LawrenceTiffany Maxwell

Source: © Silver Linings Playbook / The Weinstein Company and co-producers

Jennifer Lawrence was known as an inexperienced actress so her role as Tiffany, a widowed woman suffering from depression, in “Silver Linings Playbook” seemed questionable. Despite the misgivings, she coped with the role so perfectly. She was praised by critics and even won an Oscar for Best Actress for her performance.

#8 Robert Downey Jr. — Sherlock Holmes

Source: © Sherlock Holmes / Warner Bros. and co-producers

Sherlock Holmes is associated with a serious character who can be ironic in the classic version and sarcastic in the modern one. Therefore, when it was released that Guy Ritchie chose Robert Downey Jr. for the new film adaptation, fans were unpleasant. Eventually, the actor breathed new life into the character, and critics really loved the new Sherlock Holmes. Robert Downey Jr. even won a Golden Globe Award.

#9 Ryan Gosling — Sebastian Wilder

Source: © La La Land / Summit Entertainment and co-producers

The audience was skeptical about Ryan Gosling being cast for the lead role in “La La Land” because they doubted his musical and dance skills. The actor tried his best and rose to the challenge. He created incredible chemistry with Emma Stone and both movie buffs and critics praised his performance.

#10 John Krasinski — Lee Abbott

Source: © A Quiet Place / Paramount Pictures and co-producers

When an actor nails the same role on the same show for years, it’s understandable that the audience will associate him/her with that character. The same situation comes to John Krasinski, who is best known for the charming joker, Jim, from “The Office”. It’s hard to imagine the actor in a horror film but John did a great job with the role in “A Quiet Place”.

#11 Chris Pratt — Owen Grady

Source: © Jurassic World / Universal Pictures and co-producers

The audience got used to Chris Pratt portraying a lovable and goofy character so they didn’t believe the actor would look great in “Jurassic Park”. Many comments said that he wouldn’t be appropriate for the role of the dinosaur tamer but he convinced the audience with his great performance. He won MTV Movie Award for Best Actor in an Action Movie.

#12 Jim Carrey — Joel Barish

Source: © Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind / Focus Features and co-producers

Jim Carrey was seen as a comedian for a long time. So starring in the drama “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” was so strange. But, Jim exceeded all of the fans' and critics' expectations. Though he returned to playing comedies more than once afterward, he successfully established himself as a talented actor who can portray a deep dramatic character.
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