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  1. What Reddit and Quora Are Saying About Alexander the Great's Sexuality?
  2. What Happened in Alexander: The Making of a God: "The Boy King"

Was Alexander the Great Gay or Bisexual? You May Wonder After Watching Netflix's TV

The question of whether Alexander the Great was gay has kicked off a big argument, particularly following the viewing of Alexander: The Making of a God: "The Big King." Historical records present a complex portrait of Alexander, highlighting his disinterest in fun in bed to a degree that concerned his parents.

They even introduced a courtesan to try to get him interested, though without success, leading some to guess about who he liked. While old-time history buffs were happy he kept it in check, what people now think, including those by historian James Davidson, suggest these anecdotes could hint at homosexuality.

Key Takeaways

  • People can't agree if Alexander the Great liked guys or girls, and it's all because of the different ways folks back then and now think about love and relationships.
  • Chats on Reddit and Quora show everyone's got their own take, pointing out how tricky it is to slap modern labels on ancient figures like Alexander, especially when talking about his close buddy Hephaestion and his marriages.
  • The TV Show Alexander: The Making of a God: "The Boy King" gives us a peek into Alexander's rise to power, his family drama, and his big plans for Persia, all while trying to figure out what made him tick.
Was Alexander the Great Gay or Bisexual Source: Netflix

Being with someone of the same sex was not uncommon in ancient Greece, looked at very differently from today's understanding of sexual identity. This context is crucial when considering Alexander's potential relationships with men, including his bond with Hephaestion, often speculated to be romantic.

Alexander's marriage to Roxana and subsequent unions, alongside fathering children, paints a picture of a man who was hard to label by modern standards. The inclusion of concubines from across Asia, while keeping up a bit of his Macedonian lifestyle, further complicates our understanding of his sexual orientation.

The episode from "Alexander: The Making of a God" shows people still really curious about Alexander's sexuality, highlighting the difficulty of applying modern tags to historical figures. While discussions on forums like Reddit and Quora reflect a bunch of different views, they often mirror the broader debate among historians: Alexander's life, filled with contradictions and influenced by cultural norms of his time, challenges our contemporary frameworks of identity.


What Reddit and Quora Are Saying About Alexander the Great's Sexuality?

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Online forums like Reddit and Quora, discussions about Alexander the Great's sexuality offer a bunch of different views, reflecting the diverse interpretations of historical evidence and modern sensibilities. Contributors to these platforms often cite old writings and what people now think to support their views, leading to heated arguments that underscore the complexity of Alexander's personal life.

Comments often reference Alexander's relationship with Hephaestion, arguing for it as evidence of a romantic connection. This interpretation leans on the closeness of their bond, described by ancient sources, and their public displays of affection, which some see as showing they were really close.

Yet, there's also caution against reading too much into these behaviors by today's standards, where such intimacy might automatically be seen as romantic or sexual. Skeptics in these discussions point to Alexander's marriages and his relationships with women as counterarguments to the theory that he was exclusively homosexual.

They argue that Alexander's ability to make deals by getting hitched and father children contradicts a simplistic categorization of his sexuality. This view is supported by historical accounts of Alexander's life, which include his deep affection for his wife Roxana and his being super sad about Hephaestion, suggesting a capacity for deep relationships with both men and women.


What Happened in Alexander: The Making of a God: "The Boy King"

Alexander: The Making of a God: "The Boy King" serves as a cool intro to one of history's most iconic figures, mixing in expert opinions with made-up scenes to bring Alexander the Great's early reign to life. This episode focuses on Alexander climbing up to be king and sets the stage for his epic adventure to conquer the Persian Empire.

Central to this episode is Alexander's complex relationship with his family and his immediate rise to power following the assassination of his father, King Philip II. The assassination of Philip II in a weird way and Alexander's swift claim to the throne are depicted as critical moments that shaped his rule.

Alexander's accusation against the Persian Empire for his father's murder and his vow of vengeance introduce viewers to the big plans of his imperial aspirations. Darius III of Persia is introduced as Alexander's tough enemy, with the episode delving into his own rise to power and the sneaky plans within the Persian Empire.

The contrast between Alexander's godly goals and Darius's more grounded view of kingship provides a fascinating study in leadership and ambition.

Strategic marriages, political alliances, and the harsh truths of old battles are all explored, highlighting the methods by which Alexander and Darius sought to secure their power.

The episode concludes with the stage set for a huge showdown, as Alexander prepares to lead his forces into the heart of Persia, marking the beginning of his legendary campaign.

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