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  1. #1. Will Odell Beckham Play In 2022?
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Will Odell Beckham Play In 2022? Potential Trades

Will Odell Beckham play in 2022? Here we go! The trade deadline for the NFL has passed, but there are still free agents who might be important contributions to teams as they try to make it to the Super Bowl.
Odell Beckham Jr., who suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) during the Rams' victory over the Bengals in Super Bowl 56, is the most notable player on that list. However, he has not yet participated in any games this season because he is still recovering from the injury. The question now arises when and with whom he will sign a contract. Did The Saints Sign Cam Newton?

#1. Will Odell Beckham Play In 2022?

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Initial reports claimed that Beckham, who has generated considerable interest from clubs around the league, will join a team around mid-November. Because he is still working on his knee injury rehabilitation, that plan appears to have been on hold for a few weeks.
Whether or not it was the intention, that should make it easier for Beckham to get a clearer idea of which teams have the best prospects of advancing to Super Bowl 57. The receiver, who is now 30 years old, reportedly wants a multi-year deal with a perennial contender so that he may finish his career playing for that team. The reports indicate that he is not simply looking to sign a one-year contract for another run at the Super Bowl.
That's just one more way the Beckham competition might be approached. It is unknown how this will factor into his choice at this point. Regardless, The Sporting News has everything you need to know about Beckham's timeframe to return, as well as the most recent developments regarding his injury rehabilitation: According to a rumor published on November 6 by, Beckham will reportedly be "in full health" and ready to sign with a team by the beginning of December. This timeframe would roughly coincide with Week 13 of the NFL season.

Potential Trades For OBJ, Did OBJ Sign With The Cowboys?

Will Odell Beckham Play In 2022
According to a second report by Jay Glazer, Beckham is already ahead of schedule and ought to be cleared within the next week. It is not known whether or not this alters his projected schedule to join a franchise. According to a story published on ESPN on October 19, Beckham would not be ready to play again until approximately the middle of December. There is a possibility that Beckham would require a week to adjust to his new squad, but it is also possible that he will be able to play right away after joining.
If Beckham's revised timetable holds, the wide receiver will have his pick of several different NFL teams with which to join. The Rams, with whom Beckham won a Super Bowl in 2021, and the Bills, a strong contender in the AFC who signed Beckham's former teammate Von Miller in the offseason, are both contenders are likely to be considered. Despite this, Beckham stated on the 12th of October that the Rams attempted to re-sign him but made him a poor offer:
Other teams interested in trading for him include the Chiefs, Giants, and Packers. These teams have all recently dealt receivers over the offseason or at the trade deadline, so they could all use a top-end playmaking threat. A new contender has surfaced in the battle for Beckham's services, and that contender is Dallas. Reportedly, the Cowboys are interested in recruiting Beckham once he is back to full health.

#2. Odell Beckham Injury Updates

OBJ Injury Updates
According to, Beckham is "in the last stages" of his rehabilitation, allowing him to return to action in early to middle December. The fact that Beckham tore his ACL during the Super Bowl may have been a blessing in disguise. The same knee had previously torn its anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) during the 2020 season while he was still playing for the Browns. According to reports, his operation to fix that injury did not go well, so his re-tear allowed him to undergo another procedure to properly mend it.
Suppose Beckham can come back from the ACL injury he suffered in the Super Bowl stronger than before the injury. In that case, he could easily become a significant boost to any team aiming to make a similar run toward the end of the 2022 season.
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