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  1. #1. Did The Saints Sign Cam Newton?
  2. #2. The Last Time Cam Newton Played In The NFL?

Did The Saints Sign Cam Newton? Updated News

Did the Saints sign Cam Newton? Here we go! Cam Newton may not be active in the National Football League, but it hasn't stopped him from making headlines. The quarterback who most recently played for the New England Patriots and the Carolina Panthers has been connected with a possible transfer to the New Orleans Saints.
Even though there is no evidence to suggest that Cam Newton would sign with an NFC team, rumors that the veteran quarterback will sign with the Saints continue to circulate despite the absence of such evidence. After Jameis Winston suffered a devastating injury to his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), the team reportedly had an interest in bringing the quarterback to New Orleans. Did OBJ Sign With The Cowboys?

#1. Did The Saints Sign Cam Newton?

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Many rumors are going around about Cam Newton and the Saints. This can be attributed to Winston and Andy Dalton leading the Saints to a record of 3-6 with their dismal play this season.
Can the Saints solve their current issues by contacting a former NFL Most Valuable Player? Perhaps, however, as of right now, there are only rumors to go on about it. Very similar to this time last year, and nothing significant occurred. On the other hand, as the adage goes, "there is no smoke without fire."
Since Newton is currently a free agent, it is exciting to consider the possibility that the Saints will look to him as their savior. Because the 33-year-old football player hasn't participated in any games this season, there's no way he can immediately get into the lineup and start contributing. If the Saints wait a few weeks, the season will already be halfway over, and adding another few games for Newton to get "game ready" is not a practical option at this point.

#2. The Last Time Cam Newton Played In The NFL?

Did The Saints Sign Cam Newton
It's the Carolina Panthers versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. During the previous season, the 33-year-old was a member of the Carolina Panthers. But his return to the squad, after spending the previous season playing for the Patriots in New England, wasn't all that spectacular. Newton participated in five games and was victorious in none of them. He completed passes for 684 yards, four touchdowns, and five interceptions during the game.
Considering the quarterback's position five years ago, this precipitous fall from grace seems clear. Before returning to Carolina, he finished his only season in New England with a record of 7-8 due to his difficulties there. His days as Most Valuable Player and the 15-1 season in which he led the Panthers to the Super Bowl are long behind him. Since that season in 2015, Cam Newton has not had a season in which his team won the championship.
It remains to be seen whether or not the Saints regard Cam Newton as the answer, but given the struggles of Andy Dalton and Jameis Winston, they couldn't do much worse than what they've already had. Could they do that?
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