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  1. #1. Is OBJ Going To The Cowboys?

Did OBJ Sign With The Cowboys? Updated News

Did OBJ sign with the Cowboys? Here we go! Michael Irvin, an NFL legend, has predicted that standout receiver Odell Beckham Jr. will finish the 2022 season with either the Dallas Cowboys or the San Francisco 49ers.
The Cowboys are a serious contender to sign the 30-year-old, who is now the best free agent on the market. Since Beckham is still recovering from a knee injury, the team has not arranged any visits with him. Do you wonder what does Lebron James' chest tattoo mean?

#1. Is OBJ Going To The Cowboys?

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When the Los Angeles Rams beat the Cincinnati Bengals in February, Beckham tore his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and was on his way to being named Super Bowl MVP. It was hoped that the flamboyant receiver would find a team by mid-November; now it seems likely that he will get healthy and join a team in December.
There has been much speculation that Tom Brady would join the San Francisco 49ers in the summer of 2019 following a pivotal transaction. The New York Giants, the Buffalo Bills, and the Los Angeles Rams are just a few of the teams who have shown interest in the 30-year-old. Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs are two of the teams that have expressed interest.
Irvin, who spent his 12-year NFL career with the Cowboys and won three Super Bowls with the team, thinks Beckham will choose between the Cowboys and the Giants. "The truth is Odell wants to play for a legitimate contender, there's no question," Irvin stated on Thursday's episode of "Damon & Ratto" on 95.7 The Game.
San Francisco, Dallas, and Philadelphia are all contenders, but he's probably not interested because those teams are already solid. So, his options are limited to Dallas and San Francisco, both of which should satisfy him. It would be wonderful for him to play for Dallas because a lot of his family is there, and he's had such tremendous performances against Dallas, which is why I know Odell. I talked to him when he was in New York and Cleveland, and we've talked about him playing for Dallas.
"But any one would work out wonderfully. As for which one, I can guarantee you it will be one of those two.


Did OBJ Sign With The Cowboys
Irvin is rooting for Beckham to join the Cowboys' NFC East rival after the receiver hauled in 40 passes for 558 yards and seven touchdowns in eight games versus Dallas while playing for the New York Giants and Cleveland Browns. Irvin elaborated, saying, "Odell was made for Dallas. It would be a huge coup if [Jerry Jones] could sign Odell.
Despite having players like Ceedee Lamb and Michael Gallup at their disposal, the Cowboys' passing offense is just 25th in the NFL. No Cowboys receiver has over 100 yards in a game this season. Dallas considered trading for Houston Texans star Brandin Cooks or Denver Broncos wideout Jerry Jeudy after losing Amari Cooper to the Cleveland Browns in free agency, but neither deal materialized.
The Buffalo Bills, New York Giants, and Kansas City Chiefs are just a few of the teams who have indicated an interest in signing the 30-year-old. The Cowboys are favored to acquire Beckham, but the 49ers have reportedly made a competitive offer.
They are happy with their present offensive mix, but general manager John Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan in San Francisco are open to adding Beckham. The 49ers are well-armed thanks to the addition of Christian McCaffrey, the return of stars Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk, and the return of defensive lineman George Kittle.
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