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  1. #1. Why Did Athena Karkanis Leave Manifest?
  2. #2. What Happened To Grace In Manifest?

Why Did Athena Karkanis Leave Manifest? Deep Explanation

Wondering Why did Athena Karkanis leave Manifest? Here we go! At the end of Season 3, Grace Stone (Athena Karkanis) is stabbed to death by a fellow passenger, and Ben and their son are separated. After Grace Stone was killed off in the Season 3 finale, Athena Karkanis decided to leave the show.

In the third and final season of N.B.C.'s plane-centered mystery drama Manifest, viewers were presented with much information. The show's final minutes revealed shocking information, including the death of a popular character named Grace Stone.

After N.B.C.'s cancellation of Manifest, the show has been picked up by Netflix, and now we know which characters will stay and which will go in the upcoming fourth season. Despite being one of the most well-liked characters in the show, Athena's death is the most devastating. Here is the comprehensive recap of season 3.

#1. Why Did Athena Karkanis Leave Manifest?

Why Did Athena Karkanis Leave Manifest Source: Netflix

Athena Karkanis, who played Grace Stone, reportedly departed the show after season three when her character died. Grace's death seems to be one of the few in the Flight 828 universe that can be said to be beyond any doubt, even if we all know that not every death in Manifest is permanent.

Were Grace to perish now, it would be extra heartbreaking because so much of this season has been dedicated to her coming to terms with the importance of her mission and the broader objective. Given that Rake, the show's creator has said as much, and I'm afraid we must conclude that she passed away some time ago.

He remarked it was not a hasty death; she had a good death. This is a key part of their journey, and her position in Manifest remains substantial. Rake argues that Athena's legacy lives on in people like Ben, who is adjusting to life without her, Cal, Olive, and baby Eden. When Is Part 2 Of Manifest Coming Out?

#2. What Happened To Grace In Manifest?

Why Did Athena Karkanis Leave Manifest

Once mother and daughter were both doing well after giving birth, the Stone family began a new chapter in Season 3 of Manifest. It's almost as if having another kid made Ben even more determined to solve problems and keep his family safe. Is Eden Still Alive?

Grace had stopped receiving callings, but she remained actively involved and was buoyed by the growth of her family. Moreover, their brand-new baby, Eden, had mysterious callings. Grace finally had a story that wasn't about her husband or kids, making Season 3 stand out. Grace rescued Cal (Jack Messina) by taking him to her brother's house, where the two reconciled after a long time apart and found safety. He went quite suddenly after that, but Grace was moved.

Grace has opened a restaurant serving traditional dishes made with family recipes to honor her dad and brother and their family. Grace, after two seasons, has found a new direction to pursue. They were all still together and doing OK. While Grace was seeing someone else in the first season, Ben tried to win her. In Season 1, Ben's feelings for Grace were clear, but Grace didn't reciprocate until Season 2.


Their new season began with Grace's pregnancy and her introduction to the callings. Grace's callings revealed to Ben how vital it was for him to uncover the truth and protect his family, and the episodes probed the extent of their bond. Their relationship was already the strongest on the show, but the final moment, in which their lives were jeopardized due to Grace's pregnancy, cemented it. Ben convinced a snoozing Grace that, despite her wishes, he would prioritize saving her over the baby.

The depth of his feelings for her had increased to the point that he was helpless in her absence. With spring's profusion of new life and reconnection, it was a no-brainer to go this route. Their devoted fanbase saw them reconnect and strengthen their relationship. As they faced their inevitable deaths, the Stones were united, at peace, and ready to take on any obstacles they might face as a unit.

Why Grace Died In Manifest?

Why Did Athena Karkanis Leave Manifest

Angelina, played by Holly Taylor, stabbed Grace and then kidnapped Eden. The death of Grace destroys the Stone family's hopes of finally being together and living happily ever after. In this tragic event, Grace was stabbed, but Cal also lost his life. After Cal touches the tailfin of the mysterious plane in the first half of the series finale, he disappears and is only seen again as a 17-year-old.

But that wasn't all; once the tailpin went, the 828 pilots Captain Daly, who had disappeared during a test flight in the first season, suddenly resurfaced. At Eureka, he reappeared in the plane's cockpit for a second before vanishing again, this time with the entire airplane. 
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