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  1. #1. When Is Part 2 Of Manifest Coming Out?
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When Is Part 2 Of Manifest Coming Out? Officially!

When is part 2 of Manifest coming out? Here we go! There will be no more episodes of Manifest. Just ten episodes are remaining to finish the epic story of Flight 828 and its passengers who were touched by spiritual consciousness, and the first part of Season 4 is now available on Netflix. As the season's final episodes approach, we have a better idea of what Team Lifeboat must overcome. We just need to know when we can tune in.

Zeke (Matt Long), realizing that Cal (Ty Doran) was the group's only shot at rescuing the planet, sacrificed himself at the end of Part 1 of Season 4 of Manifest by taking on Cal's cancer. As a result of Angelina's (Holly Taylor) corruption of the sapphire's original function, the passengers now know that June 2, 2024, was not simply a warning but the date of an imminent catastrophe and that she can control callings with her newfound power. Cal is the only one who can defeat Angelina because of the sapphire in his dragon scar.

#1. When Is Part 2 Of Manifest Coming Out?

When Is Part 2 Of Manifest Coming Out

As the Stones mourn Zeke's death and the world turns against the 828 passengers, he will face the biggest danger the family has ever faced. To what end can you fight for freedom in a culture that only seeks to keep you in your place? That appears to be a major plot point in the final episodes. In any case, here is what we know right now. Also Why Did Grace Leave Manifest?

The second half of Season 4 has finished filming, so it may be available on Netflix shortly, even if the streaming service has not yet confirmed a premiere date. We're looking at June 2 as a possible release date for Manifest because of Netflix's history of revealing program details on significant dates (the premiere date was revealed on 8/28, and Part 1 was published on Nov. 4, the same day Flight 828 arrived in 2018).

#2. Spoilers

When Is Part 2 Of Manifest Coming Out

Source: Netflix

In an interview with TV Guide, Jeff Rake discussed the first half of Season 4 and how it sets up the second half. Some of his most insightful remarks are included below; for the full interview, go here. Is Eden Still Alive?

Angelina Jolie has just begun her career. We've talked a bit about the Noah myth and Noah's Ark, and that conflict will play out in the final ten epic episodes. She believes that she is supposed to save "the righteous," but she has a very narrow definition of who the righteous are, which doesn't necessarily include most of the people we have come to know and love on the show. It's an incredibly narrow definition.

Spoiler alert: "Angelina will come to believe that she is effectively Noah and that she and her family are the only people who deserve to board the ark, whatever that may be, as we approach the death date. So it's up to Ben, Mick, and perhaps mostly Cal to defeat Angelina as we make our way into the final block. The problem is that Angelina becomes increasingly powerful; we saw how powerful she is in Episode 410, and that will only get worse."


When Is Part 2 Of Manifest Coming Out

Nonetheless, she may be needed by Team Lifeboat, as she has the sapphire. Ultimately, Cal, Ben, and Mick will be fighting to some extent as they ask themselves, is it possible to collaborate with the enemy to save themselves? [Angelina having the sapphire] is incredibly problematic. That will become increasingly powerful in Cal's belief that he has to maybe collaborate with her and somehow work with her, as hateful as she is.

Because of Zeke's passing, Michaela and Jared now have a chance to be back together. According to Rake, the question on Jared's mind now that Zeke is gone is, "how long do I have to wait before trying again?" Jared, who still considers Mick to be his true love. And we'll witness that, too; even Mick, who can't help but hold on to some fondness for Jared because he was once the love of her life, will eventually wonder, "You know how long do I have to wait, at what point am I ready to move on romantically in my life?" We're going to wait and see what happens next. 

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