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  1. #1. Comprehensive Manifest Recap Before Season 4

Comprehensive Manifest Recap Before Season 4

Searching for the Manifest recap before season 4? Here we go! The last season of Manifest has been confirmed. Following the conclusion of season 3, NBC decided to terminate the show. Fortunately, the show was salvaged by Netflix, which will air the final season in two parts. When Is Part 2 Of Manifest Coming Out?

"Since its premiere on Netflix in June, Manifest has proven tremendously popular with our members," Bela Bajaria, Netflix's Head of Global TV, said in a statement when the show was renewed. Fans are itching to get back into the series and figure out what's going on with Flight 828, but you're probably trying to recall the last few episodes. (And it probably comes as no surprise that a lot of stuff happened.) Ahead of the first episode's premiere on November 4, here's a rundown of how last season's events for the Stone family concluded.

#1. Comprehensive Manifest Recap Before Season 4

What Happened To Ben Stone?

Manifest Recap Before Season 4 Source: Manifest

When Ben's kid Cal disappears after touching the plane's tailfin on Flight 828, he and fellow passenger Saanvi set out on a mission to bring Cal back by releasing the tailfin into the ocean.

Ben is heartbroken that sending the tailfin back into the ocean (where it promptly vanishes again) won't bring his son back to him. Saanvi tries to comfort Ben, and they both have another calling (a vision or voice that reveals things to them) in which they are reunited with Cal on Flight 828. One who is depressed, Cal tells them that horrible things are coming, but he won't say what. In one of the last scenes, Cals tells Ben, "This is how it needs to be."

What Happened To Michaela Stone?

Manifest Recap Before Season 4

While Ben looks for Cal, his sister Michaela receives a chilling call from fellow passengers Bethany, Eagan, and Adrian in which the plane they are on, Flight 828, fills with blood. Zeke, her husband, uses his newfound empathy to help her unravel the meaning of the call. Why Is Eagan In Jail?

Then she finds out that Eagan and Adrian have incited a bunch of passengers by suggesting the Stone family is in league with the NSA. They break into Vance's house and take his son hostage. Despite Michaela and Jared's success in saving Vance's son, she discovers that the murder isn't ended when another call reveals Adrian with blood on his hands. Even though Adrian is innocent of any actual murders, it has been suggested that he may have unwittingly inspired another person to commit a murder.

What Happened To Olive Stone? - Manifest Recap Before Season 4

Manifest Recap Before Season 4

Olive wears Ben's ankle monitor so that her dad can return the tailfin and bring Cal home, leaving her, her mom, and her newborn sister, Eden, at home. Is There Going To Be A Season 5 Of Manifest?

While Olive is listening to music in her room on the second floor, an 828 passenger called Angelina breaks into the Stone home and abducts Eden, whom she considers to be her "guardian angel." Grace is stabbed during a confrontation with Angelina, but when Olive tries to come to her aid, she discovers that Angelina has locked her in her room and rendered her helpless.

What Happened To Cal?

In the last episode, Cal's skin starts to burn from Project Eureka's experiments on the tailfin, revealing his inexplicable link to the object. The only way to halt the scorching on Cal's flesh, he and his family conclude, is for the researchers to stop experimenting on the tailfin, but they have no intention of doing so.

Everyone was stubborn, so Cal decided that Dr. Gupta and the other scientists needed to "see to believe," so he touched the tailfin and disappeared. As Ben, Saanvi, and Michaela are reunited with Cal on Flight 828, and he gives them a cryptic warning about something horrible that's coming—his mother Grace's death. Cal comes home from college to discover his mother dying on the floor. But now, five years after Flight 828 took off, he isn't the same age as he was then. While Grace is passing away in his arms, he says, "In any case, it's fine. I have an idea of what we should do now."
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