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  1. 1. Where did Jeffrey Dahmer live?
  2. 2. What happened at Oxford Apartments?
  3. 3. What did the police find at his apartment?
  4. 4. He also dismembered victims at his grandmother’s house in Milwaukee.
  5. 5. Is Jeffrey Dahmer's apartment still standing?
  6. 6. Can you visit the site?

What Happened To The Real Jeffrey Dahmer's Apartment Today?

As the hit series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is getting a lot of attention, the question about Jeffrey Dahmer's Apartment today also increased.

Many of the killings took place in Jeffrey Dahmer's apartment, and true-crime junkies want to know if the spooky spot still exists. So, here are all the details on where the horrific crimes occurred, what actually happened there, and whether the apartment still exists today.

1. Where did Jeffrey Dahmer live?

Where were the Oxford Apartments that Jeffrey Dahmer lived in? | The US Sun

Source: The sun

According to FBI records, Dahmer resided in apartment 213 at the Oxford Apartments, 924 North 25th Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Additionally, he spent some time living at his grandmother's house, which is located at 2357 S 57th Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He spent almost nine years living at his grandma's house till she kicked him out in 1990.

In both of these places, as well as in his childhood home, Dahmer killed people.

2. What happened at Oxford Apartments?

Oxford Apartments, site of Dahmer's murders, remains vacant today

Source: jsonline

Dahmer mostly targeted gay males of color, who he found at local bus stations, pubs, shopping centers, and adult bookstores. According to The New York Times, he would lure the men to accompany him by offering beer or cash in exchange for them appearing naked for pictures.

Then, before killing his victims, Dahmer would put drugs in their drinks. The newspaper at the time stated that he kept the body parts of many victims in his refrigerator and even consumed some of their organs.

“I didn’t want them to leave,” Dahmer told the police by way of explanation after his arrest. He killed twelve men at this location, per Newsweek.

3. What did the police find at his apartment?

Jeffrey Dahmer's apartment now: All about the killing factory - TheNetline

Source: The netline

According to The New York Times, Dahmer's apartment was stocked with weapons, which led police officers to believe it was a "killing factory." Police discovered a barrel of hydrochloric acid, which he used to disintegrate the men's bodies and preserve their skeletons, as well as ether and chloroform, which were likely used to sedate his victims. Three torsos were dissolving inside the 57-gallon barrel, according to the cops.

According to FBI records, the authorities ultimately found 11 people's corpses, bones, and body parts in his flat. According to records, they also discovered various knives and sawblades, a hypodermic needle, an electric drill, and pictures.

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4. He also dismembered victims at his grandmother’s house in Milwaukee.


By 1987, Dahmer had started killing again. He killed his second victim, Steven Tuomi, in a hotel room, but brought the body back to his grandmother's home in a suitcase to dismember it, according to Biography. He is believed to have killed another three people at his grandmother's home after Tuomi's death.

Dahmer's grandmother eventually asked him to move out of her home in 1988, but he wouldn't actually move out until 1990. At that time, the killings continued in Dahmer's North 25th Street apartment, according to Distractify. Catherine Dahmer was not aware of her grandson's crimes at the time.

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5. Is Jeffrey Dahmer's apartment still standing?

jeffrey dahmer apartment milwaukee now

Source: womenshealth

Dahmer's apartment was torn down in November 1992, 15 months after the human remains were discovered, at the request of the victim’s families, per Newsweek. So, technically, it no longer exists.

But you can see what the outside of the apartment building used to look like, thanks to an avid ghost tour and serial killer aficionado on YouTube who goes by the name Shakers Milwaukee, per Esquire.

jeffrey dahmer apartment now photos

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Neighbors gather near a Milwaukee apartment building as police continued to investigate their discovery of body parts in an apartment of Jeffrey L. Dahmer.

The building then was purchased by a "collaborative neighborhood redevelopment initiative" called the Campus Circle Project in 1995, who planned to plant grass and flowers at the location, per The Tab.

apartment building where dahmer murders occurred

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A resident sits outside of Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment building.

The president of the project, Patrick LeSage, called Dahmer’s home a "symbol of anger, pain, violence, and death” when talking to The Bulletin in 1992. "It needs to be replaced with a sign of our commitment to support the healing process and to work together as a community of people who care,” he said, per Newsweek.

6. Can you visit the site?

You still can watch people drive past the site. Although it is now just an empty lot, you can still drive past it and look at the empty space where his apartment used to stand. But that sounds pretty freaky. is a website that provides you with Entertainment updates and creative ideas to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about updated celebrity and entertainment news.
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