10 Fantasy Houses That You Can't Believe Actually Exist in Real Life

If you've ever dreamed of living with your favorite cartoon characters or living with them in their house, now your dreams can completely come true!
For many generations of audiences, cartoons and comics have been a big part of our childhood. Whether it is present or the past, we have wished to live like our favorite cartoon heroes. Therefore, we collect items that feature those characters, decorate our homes according to their style, etc. But particularly, after many years, we’ve got a chance to actually immerse ourselves in this fictional universe because the houses of some pop culture figures have been built in real life! These Fantasy Houses You Won't Believe Actually Exist might be seen here
From Snow White’s cottage with its “melting” roof to the life-size SpongeBob's pineapple house, here we leave you with photos of some of the animated houses they've built in real life. Scroll down to see and plan a trip to visit them someday. See 10 fantasy houses from cartoons in real life here.

#1 Carl and Ellie's home from Up

fantasy houses from cartoons in real lifeSource: © Up / Disney© _ourdisneylife_ / instagram

The house from the movie "Up" is a colorful, adorable, inspiring house of Carl and Ellie. This house was built in 2011 as a part of the desire of the Make-a-Wish foundation. This cartoon house is carefully designed and pays great attention to every detail of the part to make it exactly the same as in the cartoon: the letter box outside the house, the weather vane, the photos on the wall, the floorboards, and even the light switch. Now, this house is in Utah and attracts thousands of visitors every year. For those who like the house and movie "Up", they can also take pictures to feel like they are living in a fairy tale world.

#2 The Simpsons’ house

fantasy houses from cartoons in real lifeSource: © The Simpsons House / Wikimedia Commons© Scott Jones / Wikimedia Commons

The story of The Simpsons' 742 Evergreen Terrace replica home is more complicated than you might expect. In 1997, 20th Century Fox came up with the incredible promotional idea of ​​building a lifelike, full-size replica of the Simpsons home in Nevada, USA, and giving it away in a contest. The real-life house was built for around $120,000 and has all the same characteristics as the cartoon home, both inside and out. The contest winner chose the $75,000 cash award over the house, though. Now, the real-life version has become a stomping ground for avid fans of the long-running cartoon.

#3 SpongeBob’s pineapple house

fantasy houses from cartoons in real lifeSource: © SpongBob SquarePants / Nickelodeon© nickresortpuntacana / instagram

SpongeBob SquarePants is a favorite cartoon of all generations, and his pineapple house at the bottom of the ocean has become a very alluring place. Well, now you don’t have to dive to the bottom of the sea to see it, because this replica of SpongeBob’s house is now on land and can be visited by tourists. Everything in the SpongeBob cartoon is in this house such as the TV, underwater decorations, and cell phones. This pineapple villa was created by Nickelodeon and Nick Resort Punta Cana located in the Dominican Republic.

#4 Snow White's cottage

fantasy houses from cartoons in real lifeSource: © Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs / Disney© the_happiest_things / instagram

This one-of-a-kind house was inspired by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The builders spent 30 years to create this masterpiece. Snow White’s cottage has no square corners, hand-carved wooden beams, and a roof that seems to have melted over the building, and everything is as raw and full of personality as anything Walt Disney drew. It's perfect for anyone who likes to envision themselves as one with nature and all things Disney. The yard is 7.5 acres and comes with a secluded, forest-like area, and even a treehouse! Inside the home has 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. Many of the windows are decorated with stained glass, and delicate birds are painted above the windowsill. The house is in the state of Washington.

#5 Minnie Mouse’s house

Source: © Disney Interactive Studios© everydaydisneymagic / instagram

At Mickey's Toontown in Disneyland in both Florida and California, you may find this sweet Minnie Mouse cottage. Do not be deceived by the exterior appearance because this cartoon-inspired house is fully equipped inside, just like a real house! You may open Minnie's refrigerator, relax in her recliners, stroll around her garden, and even find Pluto's dog house in the backyard. With its vibrant purple and pink decor, the house is especially adorable. Though it's not a place you could call home, it's fun to see the once-animated house come to life somewhere you and your family can explore.

#6 The “Hobbit Hole” house

Source: © The Hobbit / Rankin/Bass© Simon Dale

The Hobbit Hole is another distinctive copy of the cartoon home. Designer, builder, and family father Simon Dale built this Eco-friendly home. This house was built from shavings of oak but uses stone walls, and mud thatched on the floor, walls, and roof. The solar panels work and may generate power from the heat of the sun. The roof design is particularly lovely and can let in natural light. There is also a spring that provides clean and fresh water. Water from the roof is accommodated as water for the garden and the toilet is used as compost.

#7 Barbie's Dreamhouse

Source: © Barbie DreamHouse / Amazon© lo84redana / instagram

Barbie is a cartoon that really hypnotizes many viewers. There are even fans who are willing to change their body shape to look like a barbie doll, even though they have to spend a lot of money. Many little girls dream of living a life of luxury in a house just like Barbie. And now their dreams can come true, thanks to a 10,000-square-foot pink plastic dollhouse in Florida, called “Barbie, The Dream Home Experience.” The house is said to spend no less than 100 gallons of pink paint and 20 pounds of glitter.

#8 The Flintstones’ house

Source: © The Flintstones / Hanna-Barbera© Sergei / Wikimedia Commons

In 1976, the architect William Nicholson designed and built the house as a way to experiment with dome-shaped buildings. There's no concrete evidence that it was intended to be inspired by Flintstones but just looking at it, that seems to be the case due to its cave-like exterior and interior. Unfortunately, the iconic Flintstones house in real life isn't located anywhere near Bedrock. Instead, it's nestled in Hillsborough, California.

#9 The Jetsons’ futuristic house

Source: © The Jetsons / Hanna-Barbera© CDernbach / Wikimedia Commons

The Jetsons’ futuristic house has become a source of inspiration for modern-day architecture with futuristic influences. The Chemosphere in the Hollywood Hills is one of them. The Chemosphere was built in the early 1960s and was used as a filming location for many television shows and movies. There is also a house built on the MGM set for an Alfred Hitchcock movie very much like Mr. Spacely's old fishing cabin.

#10 Bruce Wayne’s manor

Source: © Batman / DC Comics© Harry Mitchell / Wikimedia Commons

Wollaton Hall at Wollaton, Nottingham, England used as the model for Bruce Wayne Manor in the DC comics about Batman. It also inspired the Wollaton Hall in The Dark Knight Rises.
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