17 Messy Houses You Won't Believe People Actually Live In

Do you share your house with your family or someone else or do you live alone? And which do think can best describe you: a person who can't stand it if something in their house is put in the wrong place or one who is totally okay if they skip throwing their trash for a few days? Whatever type of person you are, you probably can't help but scream and then run away when you see one of the messy houses we compiled in the list below. The pictures are ones people took when they saw such terrible houses in person or took screenshots of them when they saw them online and shared on this group Messy Houses You Zoom In To See The Background Of on Facebook.
So take a deep breath before scrolling down to see our round-up of the best of the worst houses people actually live in. Tell us if you can finish looking through this gallery because some can't!

#1. My friend finally got rid of his gf. This is how she slept

Source: Nicole Mee

#2. My downstairs neighbor's living room

Source: April Himes

#3. I couldn't even walk in. Lol

Source: Jason Rebello

#4. I cannot explain to you the smell

Source: Stephanie Gabler

#5. Former roommate. For the longest time I couldn't figure out why the rest of the apartment smelled so bad.

Source: Group member

#6. Someone is selling a bowling ball on marketplace…

messy housesSource: Heather Marie McAleney

#7. My friend withnails flat in London. He left for the countryside soon after this

Source: Daniel Murphy IV

#8. Found on a shein review

messy housesSource: Ginger Wolfskill

#9. One of my FB friends posted this picture to show how cute all of their animals are hanging out together... that mattress

messy housesSource: Group member

#10. He's part of a "strong couple that would like to add spice to their relationship"

messy housesSource: Kristin Isaac

#11. Got another TikTok live doozy for y’all

messy housesSource: Meghan Marie

#12. I was renting my house to a friend and their kids

Source: Group member

#13. This makes me so mad, I'd love that tub

messy housesSource: Rachel Lance

#14. I don’t understand how people can live like this!!

messy housesSource: Cassandra Lynn Byrd

#15. How could people live with that?

messy housesSource: DaPrincezz Tune

#16. Please learn how to throw your trash out before the baby is born...

messy housesSource: Katrina Engblom Bousquet

#17. Poor doggo

messy housesSource: Rhegan Brianna

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