24 WTF Signs That Make You Think Hard Until Your Brain Explodes

If you've been following our website long enough, you know we have a soft spot for signs. We just can't have enough of them because they make us and our fans laugh until our stomach hurts. Signs are everywhere so the chance we may catch some hilarious, weird, absurd signs is pretty high. If you still doubt, just go out and look around. And if you don't mind, share with us what you find so we can laugh together.
Below we have compiled 24 WTF signs that might make you stop to wonder what the heck is going on. Scroll down for some fun! Don't forget to check out our previous compilations here and here for more!

#1. They had to do it to us with this glasses ad

Source: Mean-Buy836

#2. Corn hole game in a senior residential facility

Source: kgreys

#3. Will you take my 6-incher?

Source: Amal de Alwis

#4. Excuse me?

Source: DumpsterTime8

#5. Sign on bathroom door at my local deli

Source: insipid_wisdom

#6. Truth

Source: Phil Mastman

#7. Walked out of my apartment this morning to see this

Source: Yu-Hsing Chen

#8. It's called a sugar scrub, it's great for your skin

Source: Mayra Hadjidakis

#9. You don’t want to miss this one

Source: Alternative_Egg9955

#10. Well, I will always need a rubber band

Source: GyroBeats

#11. No dinner? No flowers?

Source: Renee Boots-Simon

#12. Unattended children

Source: Lmanwell23

#13. How to read this?

Source: skj_subith_2903

#14. Literally sorry

Source: abaganoush

#15. On my way home one day…

Source: Lauren L. Goettsch

#16. You don't expect me to say no to those eyes!

wtf signsSource: Clara Kent

#17. Hopes and Dreams are long gone

wtf signsSource: Tiffany Morgillo

#18. "We're also on the Instachats!"

wtf signsSource: Kory Boogie Hagemann

#19. It's a Red Shirt from old Star Trek

wtf signsSource: Joy Brown

#20. Basic rules. In case yout we're wondering...

wtf signsSource: Wade Helquist

#21. Always plan your heart attacks folks

wtf signsSource: Erin Green

#22. Not sure what Cupbop is trying to sell me...

wtf signsSource: John Paul Drummond

#23. This was on one of the classroom doors

wtf signsSource: Brian Mitchell

#24. I never would have guessed

wtf signsSource: Tem Hornaday

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