20 Signs That Are Way Funnier Than They Have Any Right To Be

We already lost count of times we hurt our stomach just laughing at weird yet hilarious signs, but we are still hungry for more. And the Internet never disappoints us just once, it keeps throwing us one and then another every day and makes us roll over with laughter from time to time. That's why here we are with a brand new collection of signs that are way funnier than they have any right to be.
From outside to inside, from the kitchen to the toilets, from local signs to random signs people put on just for fun, all are compiled in this gallery to have you giggling all day. Scroll down to check out now! Follow the links here if you missed our previous round-ups. 20 Humorous Signs That Will Make You Roll Over With Laughter; 20 Questionable Signs That Will Make Us Doubt Humanity.

#1. Hurry up, guys... Walk-in-interview...

Source: Tony TG Lim

#2. Take it to the parking lot, you bunch of heathens!

Source: Charlene Martinez

#3. Come in and look around!

Source: Paul Seamanhausen

#4. Their cream pies are the best! I’ll take 4.

Source: Nikki Anam Cara

#5. Please!

Source: Inspirational Quotes Guru

#6. Pumps were in fact full of pee

Source: Samantha Lauren

#7. How is this enforced?

Source: Debra Beasley

#8. Some raccoons just have to ruin it for everyone

Source: Corazon Salvaje

#9. Hmmmmm

Source: emotionalclub

#10. Any "wiggle room" in that ???

Source: My Little Corner of the Interwebs

#11. Thanks a lot

Source: Vanessa Van Orden-De Maria

#12. And apparently it ends there too

Source: Torben Christensen

#13. I always try to...

Source: Tony TG Lim

#14. Waking up is a hard thing to do!

Source: My Little Corner of the Interwebs

#15. Let's donate, guys... Can't wait to know the result....

Source: Tony TG Lim

#16. Not with that attitude they don't

Source: Luis Noel Otero

#17. Spotted in the wild in D.C.

Source: Separate-Variation-8

#18. This is the sign my gym puts up when the janitors are cleaning the women's locker room

Source: The_G-Man1984

#19. You can't say Pool without Poo in it

Source: Maxi Baron

#20. This is a cutting-edge sign

Source: Baxter Chism

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