20 Hilariously Crazy Signs Spotted Out In The Wild

Signs are everywhere, aren't they? Not to mention, they are always put in the most visible place so that everyone can see them. If you go out a lot and often notice everything around you, chances are you can easily spot some (often intentionally) bizarre, bad, and hilarious signs that might make you want to take a snap to share with your friends. From convenience stores to outside restaurants to local coffee shops, and so on. If they are funny, they are worth sharing no matter how absurd they are.
Below, we have gathered some of the most hilariously crazy signs to share with you. Scroll down to check them out! If funny signs are your thing, follow the link here to see our previous compilation.

#1. With what?

Source: ThePorkyPigg

#2. Just get up and walk

Source: SteveLangfordsCock

#3. Sorry, we're dead

Source: Jordan Pustejovsky

#4. Wait for it...

Source: One Liner Word Play

#5. Caution

Source: Ali Aljomard

#6. Pretty sure they knew exactly what they were doing

Source: Marilee Creason

#7. I'm sure they provide blindfold and last meal...

Source: Tony TG Lim

#8. Now he might be fired...

Source: nigdude

#9. Billboards gone wild!

Source: Brad Campbell

#10. He's got the AC on and he's listening to his favorite tunes

crazy signsSource: Sarah Newton

#11. The bathroom sign at my local coffee shop

crazy signsSource: MrAllGood247

#12. A legitimate road hazard these days!

crazy signsSource:

#13. I’d have to be more flexible

crazy signsSource: One Liner Word Play

#14. Sure, thanks!

crazy signsSource: JimBob Goerke

#15. Who's gonna tell Mom?

crazy signsSource: Venomenace

#16. A letter died and now it spells ARGON using Neon

crazy signsSource: That_Dude_Carl

#17. Gone too soon rip

Source: Ziyal Leon

#18. No need to hesitate

Source: Dustin Elliott

#19. But what if you have to poo..what will you do?

Source: Stepherknee Horn


Source: Maxi Baron

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