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  1. #16. Walking on water
  2. #18. Straight outta Hawkton
  3. #20. Betting my food
  4. #22. "Faster, maggot"

20+ Winners Of The Greatest Photoshop Battles Ever

Ever since Photoshop was invented, the way people see things on the internet has never been the same. This almighty photo editing tool allows people to conquer the impossible. Want your eyes to look bigger? Piece of cake! Want to erase that man in the background? No problem. Want to check-in in Paris, Venice, and Sydney? We can bring those places to you. With Photoshop, we can turn the absence into the presence, alter the reality, or even create a whole new world in our photos.

And, so far, the photoshop battle may be the most wonderful thing people have done using this tool. People love to edit their photos so how about holding a contest and letting them unleash their imagination? That's a wonderful idea as people always come up with all sorts of funny stuff. Down below are some of the winners of the greatest photoshop battles so far. Let's scroll down and check them out with us.

#1 Behold: Lord Trumpermort

Source: Jump_Yossarian

#2 Who's behind that cover?

Source: Slushball

#3 The Holy Cat

Source: thisguy181

#4 The one who did this is one true artist

Source: suri09

#5 It looks right

Source: MrWiggleIt

#6 This deserves a place in an art museum

Source: Toomad316

#7 I would be like her, to be honest

Source: Nilosyrtis

#8 A whole gang

Source: broncosz4

#9 Hunsbird and its trophy

Source: Mnemonic319

#10 With great power, comes great... SQUIRREL!

Source: Nilosyrtis

#11 "Please sir, I want some more"

Source: 25benja

#12 A waterfall peacock

Source: jacksback88

#13 In its all glory

Source: frankmathews36

#14 "I’m not a puppet! You’re the puppet!"

Source: LonelyScout

#15 "Ohh, the neighbors are having arguments!"

Source: raccoonteur

#16. Walking on water

Walking on water Source: the Internet

#17. Fastest she'll ever been

look at she goSource: the Internet

#18. Straight outta Hawkton

winners of the greatest photoshop battles Source: the Internet

#19. Some Quokkas just want to watch the world burn

Some Quokkas just want to watch the world burnSource: the Internet

#20. Betting my food

Betting my food Source: the Internet

#21. That pear sure looks like one hot peach

pear or peach?Source: the Internet

#22. "Faster, maggot"

"Faster, maggot" Source: the Internet

#23. "This. Is. MEOOOW!!!"

MEOOOWWWSource: the Internet

These astonishing and side-splitting creations show the limitless possibilities of photo editing. These winners of the greatest photoshop battles all have a sense of humor that shines through in these imaginative images. Share these laughs with your friends and revel in the boundless creativity of digital artists.
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