21 Wholesome Moments Of Kids Shared By Their Proud Dads

Kids are just like God's gift to us. Just looking at them laughing can brighten up our blue days within a second. They can be pure angels when they show us their innocent side. They might ask silly questions or look so clueless when they see something new and unusual to them. Or they can be little monsters when they play with other kids or with home pets. Just in case you need something cute and funny, we are bringing to you our selection of wholesome moments of kids shared by their proud dads on Reddit.
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#1. My fierce little baby on her 1st birthday

Source: JohnnyEvs

#2. Aloha

Source: Reefer_NYC

#3. We all had a fever yesterday, this is how my wife found us when she came home from work

Source: 3rdCultureKid

#4. We built his first snowman together today

Source: Nai2411

#5. Joe Cool

Source: doublebr13

#6. Caught this handsome young man smiling

Source: Cursed_Salad97

#7. Yesterday, our daughter turned 2

Source: bitter_dinosaur

#8. The ONE noodle that snuck past bath time

Source: tmfult

#9. My daughter’s mischievous little personality is on full display here

Source: YohoBottleORum

#10. What's Dad doing out there?

Source: KinjasBlalock

#11. My son in a porg costume reading about space to a porg

Source: Key-Faithlessness144

#12. Took my 4-month-old to her first hockey game and she had an absolute blast!

Source: Dad0010001100110001

#13. Buy!! Sell!! Buy!! Sell!!!

wholesome moments of kidsSource: clumzyproofreader

#14. My little guy is officially a year old!

wholesome moments of kidsSource: TechTony

#15. Baby girl thinks she's Randy Savage

wholesome moments of kidsSource: GH07

#16. The boys love each other

wholesome moments of kidsSource: sip487

#17. Tried the new hiking backpack and her smile says it all!

wholesome moments of kidsSource: Dad0010001100110001

#18. It's been a tough few months, but this smiley little bug keeps me going

wholesome moments of kidsSource: mrjamjams66

#19. We did some sledding today

wholesome moments of kidsSource: miehron

#20. We made cookies!!

wholesome moments of kidsSource: African-Child

#21. This is my life now. Couldn't be happier in fact.

wholesome moments of kidsSource: ink666

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