20 Hilarious Proofs That Life With Kids Is Like A Never-Ending Sitcom

Kids are extremely cute. Almost everything they do makes us go "awww", especially when they do things with an innocent face and wide-open eyes, but as you already know, they are more than that. They can turn from pure angels to little monsters within one second and can evoke many more emotions than just "aww". Sometimes they make us laugh uncontrollably, sometimes they make us cry, and sometimes we have no clue whether we should laugh or cry, so we stay (or get stuck) in the middle.
We've put together 20 hilarious proofs that life with kids is far from boredom. Your life will be just like a comedy series that never comes to an end. Scroll down and find out why. When you're done, check out our previous posts here, here, and here for more!

#1. Would not stop crying until she got her own cone of shame

Source: reddit

#2. My daughter doesn't even understand the joke she just made

Source: Kub3rt

#3. My three-year-old son found my hair clippers

Source: speculatrix

#4. My friend’s kid got stuck in our cat tower

Source: punch_you

#5. “This seat will do nicely for my diaper butt!”

Source: Barnhay

#6. My daughter after realizing her 4th birthday is tomorrow and not today

Source: tony_pants

#7. “He was just trying to take a nap.”

Source: Chivobear

#8. Turn my back for one second and this kid turns his pants into a whole onesie

Source: TsWench69

#9. My daughter has been playing live soccer for 20 minutes with a controller , and insists her team of red is winning

Source: yaz834

#10. My son just made a huge mess. This is his just-let-me-explain face

Source: mjonesbulldog

#11. My kids have disabled my iPod for 45 years

Source: CFearon615

#12. My daughter thought this was her. Bonus: My son in the background.

Source: Trampolice

#13. Took my daughter to a Van Gogh exhibition

Source: Ka_paw

#14. My daughter makes beds in random places. Found her asleep in a Costco tote/container.

Source: Sketchy_Uncle

#15. My six-year-old daughter is great at multitasking

Source: KentuckyforKentucky

#16. My daughter has been picking her own clothes and watching her big brother get on the bus

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#17. Playing hide and seek with my kids. This is how I found my daughter

Source: 11BINF

#18. Let me help you

Source: kovikovi144

#19. My daughter felt one straw was not enough...

Source: IAmCanadian

#20. Now that the streets are safer to drive on my son is trying to cause accidents in front of my house.

Source: pauldraws

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