20 Times Parents Lied About Their 'Genius Kids', They Got Shamed Online

As parents, we all want the best for our kids and have high expectations for them. Like who doesn't want their children to stand out in the crowd, to be the brightest ones in the class? That leads to the fact that parents are likely the most biased people when it comes to their kids. Sometimes, no matter how big or small their achievements are, parents always talk about them like they've just saved the world.
Below are our hand-picked posts about proud parents bragging about their 'genius kids', but that's obviously a lie. Scroll down to check out now!

#1. Airtight Proof Santa isn’t real

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#2. Communist goobly goook

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#3. "My parenting work is done."

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#4. Everyone clapped and asked for consent

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#5. Painfully fake

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#6. The younger they are, the more woke they are

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#7. Amazed

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#8. And then everybody clapped

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#9. How funny and relatable

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#10. The most woke

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#11. Oh come on

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#12. Yep I bet she did

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#13. Kid sticks it to the man

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#14. I like how at the beginning it just says "warning!" With no explanation. Like she had to prepare people for her child's wokeness

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#15. He's the chosen one

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#16. Even infants know the true horror of Frankenstein

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#17. Because a 9-year-old knows what love is...

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#18. That happened

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#19. 5yo starts an airline business

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#20. It’s mushier than that

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