Who Killed Alison Thomas In Saint X? Fully Explained

A family's peaceful holiday takes an unexpected and devastating turn when their 18-year-old daughter goes missing on the day before they were due to return home, and the mystery is never solved, still impacting those close to her even decades later. Hulu’s 'Saint X' delves into this story and its lasting effects of unending grief.
Alison Thomas vanished twenty years ago while visiting the island of Saint X, with the lack of evidence making it impossible to uncover the truth of what happened that final day she was seen alive. However, it is thought that someone knows the answer, so here are potential theories as to what may have happened to her.

#1. So, Who Killed Alison Thomas In Saint X?

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In the initial three installments of 'Saint X', an unclear representation of the conditions leading up to Alison's demise is depicted. Numerous characters are presented, each of whom is related to Alison in a distinct way. At present, a rationale is not obvious, however we are able to observe hints of it, as Alison interacts with varying people. Could the individual with an expecting wife who made an ill-mannered remark to Alison since she had not supported him in a volleyball match be the culprit?
Could it be the young girl who is jealous of Alison because all the boys have been flocking to her, and she is flirting with all of them? Could it be the boy Alison has been fooling around with, the boy whose father advises him to pursue the other easier girl because Alison seems too uptight? Or was it the two boys who last saw her, one of whom was romantically involved with her?

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For the cops of Saint X, Alison’s death was an accident. Clive and Edwin, who were last seen with Alison, were arrested for drunk driving on the night of her disappearance. The cop who had known them their entire lives felt something off about them because they were not being their usual self. He suspected that the boys had gotten involved in something terrible this time. Later, he wonders if it was the murder. Clive and Edwin are questioned, and they give a timeline that makes it impossible for them to have been at Faraway Cay, where Alison’s body is found days after she went missing, when she died.
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#2. What did the cops explain?

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The cop explains the situation to the media and reveals their investigation has concluded. They believe Alison must have slipped and fallen into the waterfall or something, but she was not murdered. His expressions betray his feelings, and it looks like even he is not satisfied with the answer he gave to the world. Alison’s parents believe that the island officials are trying to cover up the murder to protect the reputation of their island.
Clive and Edwin remain the primary suspects in the case, especially for Alison’s family. While they had no motive, they could have killed her by accident. Living on the island, Edwin has also dreamt of leaving it and starting his life somewhere else, where he has a lot of money and a life of luxury. He wants to make quick money to realize his dream earlier. For that, he gets involved in shady things, including cocaine.

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When one of the tourists on the island asks him if he has something stronger than weed, Edwin, against Clive’s advice, secures some cocaine for them. The people he gets it from are dangerous, and even Edwin feels a little off about going forward with it. In any case, he has cocaine, and we don’t yet know what he did with it. The night of her disappearance, Alison went out with Edwin and Clive. She’d been sneaking out almost every night with them, sometimes after hanging out with Tyler. It could be that on her last night there, cocaine was involved, and things got out of hand. Clive had been unapproving of dealing drugs from the beginning, so it could be that he tried to get Edwin out of the picture, leaving Alison alone or with someone else.
Edwin and Clive's silence when taken into custody for drunk driving could have been due to their mutual anger. Clive particularly could have been feeling guilty for leaving Alison that night, feeling like he was responsible for the unfortunate events that transpired. While the facts are still unclear, it is plausible that the police were correct in saying that Alison's death was an accident and not murder. What happened and who was involved in the events leading to the accident still remains a mystery. is a website that provides you with sport updates and Entertainment news to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about entertainment news.
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