Who Killed Whitman In Power Book II: Ghost? How Did He Die?

Want to find out who killed Whitman in Power Book II: Ghost? Read until the end to know how he died.
This week, we are back with an another episode of Power Book II: Ghost. Power Book: Ghost II Season 3 Episode 4 officially airs on April 7th with the title "The Land Of Opportunity". According to the synopsis, on this episode, The Tejadas and Davis discuss how they're going to handle Detective Kevin Whitman (Jeff Hephner).
It is not a surprise to see that a character didn't make it out alive after this episode. Detective Whitman has gotten himself in some serious troubles ever since he decided to chase after Monet (Mary J. Blige), and we all know that he is going to face the consequences of his action soon. Here's a recap of what happened to Whitman during Power Book: Ghost II Season 3 Episode 4.

#1. Who Killed Whitman In Power Book II: Ghost?

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Whitman's murderer is none other than Monet.
After realizing that Monet is somehow related to Carrie's death, Whitman had desperately tried to dig up dirt on Monet. He was willing to meet anyone and go to any place that could possibly contain evidences against Monet.
It didn't take long for Monet to find out about his little secret investigation. Whitman's actions had really bothered her. Seeing Whitman's attempt to send her to jail, Monet knows that she needs to get rid of this man immediately.

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In order to execute her plan, Monet contacted her daughter Diana (LaToya Tonodeo).
Monet's relationship with her daughter might be rocky, but she knew what needed to be done first. Diana was the perfect choice for her plan - she is the only one who hadn't been involved in criminal activities in the house. She was just a normal civilian in Whitman's eyes. Diana also didn't want to hold her family back, so she agreed to participate in Monet's scheme.


#2. How Did Whitman Die?

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The Tejadas' plan is pretty simple - using Diana as a bait to set up Whitman. Diana met up with Whitman in person. She succesfully tricked him into believing that she needed his help to know the truth behind Zeke's murder. She even agreed to notify Whitman of when her parents leave the house.
There couldn't be a better chance for Whitman to collect information about Monet, so he immediately accepted Diana's offer. And that was his huge mistake.
Whitman got into the Tejadas' house at night. He unexpectedly encountered Diana, even though she wasn't supposed to be there. The moment Diana started dialing 9-1-1 and pretending like someone had broken into her house, Whitman belatedly realized that this was all a trap.

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While Whitman still struggled to figure out the situation, Monet had already appeared behind him. Whitman did try to stop Monet. He warned that he is a cop, so there is no way Monet would get away with this. But Monet didn't seem to care about his words. She shot him without hesitation, which startled Diana. It turns out that Diana didn't know about Monet's actual plan - she thought that they were just going to get Whitman arrested.
Even though Diana was confused, she still proceeded with the plan. After all, her family's safety is one of the most important things to her. Monet asked Diana to punch her in the face to make it seem like Monet was attacked, and Diana followed her words immediately.
When the police arrived at the scene, Diana told them that Whitman was trying to break into their house, and he died while she and her mother were just trying to protect themselves. Through this way, the Tejadas turned Monet's murder action into self-defense. Well, we must admit that Diana's acting was convincing, to the point that she could change her career to be an actress if she wants to.


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