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  1. Who Is The Villain In Blue Beetle Movie?

Who Is The Villain In Blue Beetle Movie? Is That Susan Sarandon?

Who is the villain in Blue Beetle movie? Fans are excited to see Jaime Reyes, the protagonist of DC Comics' Blue Beetle books, leap to the big screen in the upcoming film adaptation of the character. The character appeared in a story arc published by DC Comics in 2006 titled "Infinite Crisis" before being completely incorporated into mainstream comics. The precursor to the film was a miniseries called Blue Beetle: Graduation Day, which was first shown in 2023.

In Blue Beetle, the antagonist Victoria Kord, played by Susan Sarandon and established in the Graduation Day storyline, makes an appearance. Who exactly is Victoria Kord inside the comics? What part does she play in the story of the Blue Beetle? Continue reading if you are interested in learning more.

Who Is The Villain In Blue Beetle Movie?

Who Is The Villain In Blue Beetle Movie? Source: Blue Beetle

If you thought Victoria Kord seemed somewhat familiar, you are not alone in that impression. Readers were first introduced to the character in the 2023 narrative titled "Blue Beetle: Graduation Day." This character is the older sister of inventor Ted Kord, the previous Blue Beetle.

Ted first comes into contact with Jaime and Victoria, the head of Kord Industries, when he assists Booster Gold, another hero. Nonetheless, it would appear that Victoria is playing a completely antagonistic role in the upcoming Blue Beetle movie. The news that Susan Sarandon has been cast was first reported by The Wrap in April 2022. The movie will be in Spanish with English subtitles, and by November 2022, she was already giving hints about her character's motivations on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

The movie will be in Spanish. Actress Susan Sarandon discussed her role as the evil Queen Victoria in a recent interview. "Wow, playing the role of the bad guy in a comic book was so much fun! I had some amazing outfits that I wanted to wear, but people were too scared of me to let me wear them. I wanted to be a little bit more androgynous. As a direct consequence of this, I tend to be more lenient and understanding toward other people, which has also been a lot of fun."


Who Is The Villain In Blue Beetle Movie? Who Is The Villain In Blue Beetle Movie?

She had nothing but praise for the actors and crew, saying things like, "Young filmmaker Angel Manuel Soto, who directed this movie, did an outstanding job. In all honesty, we can't stop raving over it. Even though it appears to be false, the sheer magnitude of it is something that truly appeals to me. Everyone in his Latino family works in the Entertainment business. He and all of his siblings are Hispanic. My enforcer is of Native Indian descent. It made the whole thing a lot more impressive. The fact that he is the first Latino superhero alone makes him historically significant. He is incredible. Amazingly, the youngster has it all together.

" Even though not much is known about Victoria's part in the story, viewers can see her in the teaser telling Jaime that the scarab "doesn't belong to you." Comic book aficionados will recall that the scarab is alien technology. As a result, it does not belong to Victoria either; nonetheless, we are convinced that the movie will finally reveal the truth to us.

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