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Who Is Susan Sarandon Blue Beetle With The Role Of New Villain, Victoria Kord?

Who is Susan Sarandon Blue Beetle, who plays the new villain in Blue Beetle? The new teaser for Blue Beetle, published today, gives viewers their first look at the title character and their first meeting with the extraterrestrial scarab beetle. The trailer doesn't give much away in terms of narrative, but it gives us our first glimpse at the wicked Victoria Kord (played by Susan Sarandon), and it shows that the movie will be rather entertaining.

American actor and activist Susan Sarandon is well-known for her work in films like Dead Man Walking. Sarandon is well-known for her advocacy in politics and civil rights, in addition to her acting career. The actress, born in New York City, has performed successfully for over 50 years.

Who Is Susan Sarandon Blue Beetle?

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Jennifer Connelly Susan Sarandon Has guest starred in over 50 television series and 100 films. The actress has also done voice work for radio and video games, appearing as a subject or narrator in more than 40 documentaries. Also, you may have seen Sarandon in music videos by artists like Jay-Z. Susan Sarandon has had a long and successful acting career, but you probably don't know a few things about her.


Susan Sarandon had to take on a variety of odd occupations after graduating from college in 1968. She worked as a switchboard operator, waitress, apartment cleaner, and hairdresser to make ends meet.

Chris Sarandon, her ex-husband, accompanied her to an audition for Joe in 1969. Her ex-husband, a better actor, was passed up for the part. Fortunately, Susan Sarandon did well enough in her audition to get the lead part of Melissa Compton. The film surprised everyone by becoming a critical and commercial success. It made $26 million in profit with only $106,000 invested in the product.

Susan Sarandon's Career of Acting

Who Is Susan Sarandon Blue Beetle Meet Susan Sarandon, Who Plays Victoria Kord in Blue Beetle

Bull Durham was Susan Sarandon's breakout role, a sports romance comedy directed by Tim Robbins and released in 1988. She co-starred with Tim Robbins and Kevin Costner, who played her potential love interest. Sarandon has made several film and TV appearances before the picture's release. However, the role of Annie Savoy in the film propelled her to greater fame and recognition.

On August 5, 2002, a star was officially added to the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Susan Sarandon's honor. The actress was recognized for her outstanding career and contributions to movies. At 6801 Hollywood Boulevard, she won an award for her work in the film industry. Sarandon and her ex-husband Tim Robbins were there.

Other Susan Sarandon's Movies And TV Shows

Susan Sarandon's lone major television performance was in the musical drama Monarch, which aired in 2022. As Dottie Cantrell Roman, Sarandon was in the role. The actress has been featured in several TV Shows as a guest star. In the 1995 episode "Homer vs. Patty and Selma," she voiced the character of a Ballet Instructor on The Simpsons. Sarandon guest starred as Cecilia Monroe on an episode of Friends in 2001.


She was featured in Mad TV and The Simpsons, performing many characters (2006). Susan Sarandon's television resume also includes appearances in series including Emergency Room, 30 Rock, Mike & Molly, American Dad!, Rick & Morty, and Ray Donovan.

Susan Sarandon With Achievements And Prizes

Who Is Susan Sarandon Blue Beetle Susan Sarandon as Blue Beetle's Victoria Kord

Susan Sarandon's achievements in cinema and television have been widely lauded. She has been nominated for five Academy Awards, winning once for her role in Dead Man Walking in 1996. She has been nominated for a BAFTA twice, with the latter coming in 1994 for her work in The Client. In addition to her six Primetime Emmy nominations, Sarandon has had nine Golden Globe nominations.

Dead Man Walking earned Sarandon one of her six nominations that year at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, and it also earned her the award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actress in a Leading Role.

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