Who Is Jill Ashlock From 'Outlast'? Where Is She Now? Updated Information

Imagine if you were dropped into the Alaskan wilderness with nothing but your wits and a few basic supplies? That's what 16 contestants on the new Netflix reality show Outlast must contend with, which is similar in content to the History Channel's survival competition show Alone. The main difference between the two is that Outlast is all about teams working together to outlast the competition.
After all, season 1’s Jill Ashlock may have missed becoming the winner by a narrow margin, but her time on the reality show was undoubtedly impressive. For those curious to know just where the reality TV star is now, we have just the information you need!

#1. Who is Jill Ashlock? 

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Jill Ashock hails from New Haven, Kentucky and has a tough childhood, having to prove her worth every step of the way. The 40-year-old private investigator and firefighter is an excellent hunter and uses her skills well in the show. However, due to her rash decisions, the player is facing online wrath in high volumes.

#2. Where is Jill Ashlock Now?

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As of writing, Jill Ashlock is thriving in her personal and professional life. The reality TV star is a Private Investigator, Firefighter, and Emergency Medical Technician(EMT). As seen in the show, Jill is always ready to take charge and do what needs to be done to achieve her goals. Interestingly, Netflix is far from her only television appearance, as she has also worked with CBS, The Weather Channel, and Lunacy Productions. Additionally, Jill has modeled for Ross Dress for Less and Harley-Davidson. Moreover, she is the Indoor Archery Director for Chickasaw Archery Club.
Since July 4, 2008, Jill has been happily married to Kyle Ashlock. Her son graduated in May 2022, which she is pretty proud of. In addition, Jill seems fond of her granddaughter and takes delight in teaching her new skills. Based in New Haven, Kentucky, the mother of three is an accomplished angler, having won numerous competitions. Her archery skills are commendable, as she was ranked first in her state for the sport. Besides, Jill seems interested in wall-climbing and motorcycles.
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#3. Jill Ashlock’s Outlast Journey

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Jill Ashlock entered the Netflix show at 40 and quickly became a member of Alpha Camp. Despite seemingly getting along with teammates Amber Asay and Lee Ettinger, she and Justin Court continued to butt heads from the start. The pair argued over the best position to set up a camp at, and Jill was far from happy that her voice had not ended up being the best. Soon, she had to grapple with the fact that Lee was leaving. She felt this was the fault of those who had exited before him, as it might have encouraged her teammate to do so.
When the time came for all the teams to build a raft and acquire crab pots from a river island, Jill was far from impressed that her squad was lagging. While all the other groups had already tried to complete their mission, Justin kept making their raft until the next day. Frustrated, Jill and Amber decided to travel the distance on foot and wade through the river during the low tide. Though the mission ended up being a success, it increased the tensions between the girls and Justin.

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Seeing the lower morale in Camps Charlie and Delta, Jill and her teammates decided to steal all the sleeping bags from the Delta Camp. Despite some hiccups, Justin could execute the plan. However, this move also put them in the bad graces of Bravo Camp, who felt that such actions were cruel. Shortly afterward, Jill learned that Bravo’s last remaining member, Javier Colón, was trying to team up with Delta Camp and tried to raid his supplies. The following events meant he had to leave the show, yet he was satisfied that he had burned down his team’s log cabin so that Alpha Camp could not use it.

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With just Camps Alpha and Charlie remaining, the latter approached Jill asking her to switch to their side. While her practical nature agreed with the proposition, the survivalist did not think she could leave Amber behind, whom she considered her “spirit sister.” After much deliberation and a conversation across the Neka river, Jill refused the offer. At the same time, both she and Amber had grown suspicious that Justin was taking more than his fair share of salmon that the team had caught earlier.
After arguing with both women, Justin accepted Charlie Camp’s invitation to switch. He took some of the goodies from Alpha Camp’s base and destroyed their tarp. Furious, Jill wrote everything that Justin had apparently done on a piece of paper and sent it to Charlie Camp via an arrow, resulting in his exit from the show. It was now time for the final task, and both teams were up against each other to race to a pre-designated point by traversing the dangerous path that they lay ahead of them. Due to a bit of direction error, the girls lost the challenge and were gutted since they had been so close to winning. is a website that provides you with sport updates and Entertainment news to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about TV & Movies.
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