Who Is Ivie Demolina? Where Is She Now? All Updated About The Murderer Who Killed Her Clients 

ABC's popular crime drama How to Get Away with Murder stars Viola Davis as Annalise Keating, a defense attorney-turned-law professor. The show explores Annalise's role as a criminal law professor, exploring the idea of evil in humanity. This concept of evil is used as an instrument of manipulation by religions, however trauma is an actual reality. 
Hulu is now developing another crime drama, The Lesson is Murder, starring Bryanna Fox as the main character whose role is similar to that of Annalise. Fox is a criminology professor and former FBI agent who explores the motives of killers and teaches a class to gain insight into their minds. One of the killers featured in the show is Ivie DeMolina, and the series follows her story and current whereabouts.

#1. Who Is Ivie Demolina?

Who Is Ivie Demolina? Where Is She Now? Source: ABC News

Born and brought up in Brooklyn, New York, Ivie DeMolina is of Puerto Rican descent. Sources claim that Ivie discovered her passion for fashion design at a very young age and was on her way to starting her boutique and introducing a fashion line. Besides, she was looking to make a mark on the music industry as an aspiring singer and was even employed as a stockbroker by a Wall Street firm. However, Ivie’s life changed drastically once she became involved with a gang of robbers, and her connection to a double homicide ruined her chances of a better life.
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#2. What crime did Ivie Demolina commit to?

Who Is Ivie Demolina? Where Is She Now? Source: Distractify

It is said that when DeMolina was in her twenties, she started working as a prostitute and a dominatrix. Additionally, she is rumored to have been involved in armed robberies with her group. According to the court documents, in August 1994, she booked an appointment with an ex-client at an apartment in New Jersey.
Once she was inside, alongside her team, they went on to restrain the man forcefully at gunpoint. Thereafter, they robbed him. The very next day, Ivie DeMolina set up a similar date with another old client named James Polites, in the New Jersey apartment. The man was found killed later on and his place was totally ransacked.
Although Ivie worked as a sex worker initially, she, along with her accomplices Jamie Farthing and Thomas Christopher James, hatched a plan in 1994 to carry out a series of robberies that would allow them to live luxuriously. The group decided that Ivie and Jamie would seduce their way into their target’s apartment while Thomas would help incapacitate their victims. The group would then loot the house clean before moving on.

Who Is Ivie Demolina? Where Is She Now? Source: The US sun

On August 3, 1994, the group targeted a man named Robert Hippman, who was one of Ivie’s previous clients. Unfortunately, Robert became a victim of the trap, and the trio was able to rob him without any issues. The very next day, Ivie set up a meeting with a New Jersey man named James Polites, who was robbed the same way. However, reports mention that the police later found James murdered inside his own apartment. Meanwhile, Ivie and her accomplices moved to Long Island, where they targeted Joseph Fiammetta. Surprisingly, even Joseph was discovered stabbed to death, which led to a full-fledged police investigation.
The investigation was difficult at first since law enforcement had no clues or people to interview. Eventually, they discovered that the two murders were linked and the crime scene evidence, as well as Robert Hippman's police report, aided the detectives in piecing the puzzle together. Robert was also able to give a detailed description of the perpetrators, which resulted in Ivie's capture.

#3. Where is Ivie DeMolina now?

Who Is Ivie Demolina? Where Is She Now? Source: Distractify

Ivie DeMolina has been imprisoned at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in New York since 1996, following her conviction on two murder charges. The New York Times Magazine reported that she was given a sentence of 25 years to life. According to ABC News, authorities in New York and New Jersey began to investigate a double murder in 1994, and discovered DeMolina was the common link. She had recently taken up work as a dominatrix in partnership with some associates. Shortly after, she was accused of multiple crimes and eventually convicted.
One morning she and her accomplices went to New Jersey to visit a previous client. While there they tied him up and robbed him. No one had to get hurt — until someone actually got hurt. The next day, DeMolina got in touch with James Polites, a New Jersey man she once dated. Things were moving in a similar direction apart from the fact that Polites didn't live through this meet-up.

Who Is Ivie Demolina? Where Is She Now? Source: Netflix Life

From New Jersey, DeMolina and her friends moved on to Long Island where they ended up at the home of Joseph Fiammetta. DeMolina was also acquainted. Just like Polites, Flammetta would not make it to the next morning. He was later found stabbed to death. Once caught, DeMolina had two separate trials to contend with. New York is where she received her 25 years to life sentence and in New Jersey, DeMolina brokered a plea deal.
Said plea deal "resulted in a second sentence, of 30 years to life, to run consecutive to — rather than concurrent with — the New York sentence," via The New York Times Magazine. What could have helped her prison time, if only a little bit, was if either state received a full psychiatric evaluation of DeMolina. She never backed away from admitting her guilt, but she maintains that context matters. is a website that provides you with sport updates and Entertainment news to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about TV & Movies.
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