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  1. #1. Who Is The Killer In Velma?

Who Is The Killer In Velma? A Reasonable Hypothesis

Who is the killer in Velma? Mindy Kaling's Velma, shown on HBO Max, has several challenges as the series progresses. She's pondering whether or not she likes Fred and whether or not she can get over her kiss with Daphne. And to make matters worse, Velma is annoying Shaggy's new girlfriend, Gigi, by continually begging for his aid in finding her missing mother, Diya Dinkley.
Scooby-Doo is more realistic and approachable due to this reimagining, yet he still has flaws in his character. Velma's hallucinations of ghosts, a manifestation of her sorrow and guilt over her mother's abduction years before, provide an extra layer of humanity to this transformation. However, Diya's actual destiny may have been exposed, while Velma is distracted by the current Crystal Cove case of young women being killed.

#1. Who Is The Killer In Velma?

Who Is The Killer In Velma Source: Velma
There's no doubt in Velma's mind that something terrible occurred to Diya, so she's started gathering evidence. The clue directs her to Fred's stately home, which was once owned by Shaggy's grandmother, Edna. Velma makes sense of this in light of what she knows about Edna's basement being used as a lab for research, thanks to her principal and Shaggy's mother, Blythe.
Edna was reportedly employed by the military in the 1970s through the evil general Meeting to replace the minds of teenagers to make them more docile and less likely to resist American wars. Diya, an avid detective, uncovered Edna's files and presumably disappeared into the catacombs, as suspected by Velma.
Despite Velma's best efforts to uncover the truth, she never suggests that Diya was kidnapped or murdered; rather, it seems as though Diya just stopped living with the Dinkleys and started murdering people on her own. Of course, this would be contentious, as fans wouldn't like to hear she abandoned Velma, but it would ring true as something Diya feels may make her whole again, creating a plot that is likely to bring even more attention to Velma.


Who Is The Killer In Velma
Given that Diya's home life is so dissatisfactory, it's understandable that she would choose to withdraw from society. Aman didn't worry much about Velma since he thought her mother had gone because they were an unhappy couple, and Velma was a difficult child to nurture. He is still ignoring his new wife, Sophie, and her newborn child in favor of immersing himself in his profession, so, understandably, Diya would view the home as poisonous.
Diya may attempt to improve Velma's lifestyle, but this does not mean that her possible actions are condoned. Since Diya was also an outsider, she may have continued Edna's mission of eliminating bullies and using their brains in experiments. Diya seems to be on a mission to rid Velma's school of bullies, which has the ring of a social justice initiative. Having this goal would offer the disappointed mother the illusion that she is making a difference in her daughter's life.


Who Is The Killer In Velma Who Is The Killer In Velma?
A "Jinkies" message written in Diya's hand that Velma and her father located in the lair might prove to be the smoking gun. Diya could be trying to get Velma involved in the case by leaving clues, such as odd footprints. Diya may perceive Velma as someone eager to join her cause and alter the town's superficial character because it fits with their childhood detective games and mental exams.
The abduction of Daphne's biological mother, Carroll, ultimately motivates Daphne and the top detective in Shaggy to join the hunt for the perpetrator. Velma's mother may have set them up for a devious chess match to determine who will have the power to shape the future of Crystal Cove, and they have no idea it's happening.
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