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  1. Gomez Addams
  2. Morticia Addams
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  4. Pugsley Addams
  5. Fester Addams
  6. Grandmama
  7. Lurch
  8. Thing

Who Are Members Of The Addams Family? The Weirdest Family In Cinema

One of the most well-known pieces of American popular culture from the late 20th century is The Addams Family. This is the reason that every edition of the movie starts a craze while also being dedicated to the entire planet. Obtain the admiration of the audience.

It is well known that the Addams family is affluent but also eccentric, has its own spooky pastimes, and doesn't appear to care what other people think of them. Despite their odd behavior, the Addams family is not evil; on the contrary, they are quite friendly and always have goodwill toward everyone, despite the terror in some people's eyes when they see them and derogatory.

Because of their slightly "strange" manner and endearing expressions and sayings, the Addams Family stories often incite a fever in the audience. The most noteworthy is Wednesday when she inspired several iconic memes. Halloween costumes featuring these characters have also become in popularity, particularly those featuring Morticia and Wednesday's icy personas and shocking remarks. Who is a member of the Addams family?

Gomez Addams

The Weirdest Family In Cinema, Gomez Addams the addams family 2022, young gomez addams

He is sometimes described as an exquisite guy who enjoys smoking cigars and spends his time smashing model trains with a joy that has a ghost in it. He is the leader of the Addams House and is of Spanish ancestry.

Additionally, he has a number of businesses that specialize in dealing with weird occurrences, making him a prosperous businessman (one of which is a crocodile farm and a uranium mine). Even as of 2007, Forbes listed him as the 12th fictitious figure, with a net worth of up to USD 2 billion.

He spent lavishly on his family, especially his cherished wife Morticia, as a result of his enormous riches.

Morticia Addams

The Weirdest Family In Cinema, Morticia Addams the addams family 2022, young gomez addams

She has always been a feminist symbol and is the most powerful woman in the Addams family. Morticia is described as being of "notorious" ancestry from Salem, Massachusetts, with a love of gardening, a talent for learning other languages, and a captivating eye.

She makes an impact on admirers because of her "luxury" vibe, her flawless skin that seems like it belongs on another planet, her noble demeanor, and the black clothing she wears always. The hem of the skirt constantly has smoke flowing from it. Morticia is the real head of the Addams family and possesses witchcraft-like powers.

Wednesday Addams

The Weirdest Family In Cinema, Wednesday Addams the addams family 2022, young gomez addams

She is the offspring of Morticia and Gomez, the most recognizable Addams Family member. While Wednesday has a lovely face, she consistently displays a chilly look, the same enthusiasm for tormenting and terrifying others. However, her mother is really happy and proud of this quality in her daughter.

Pugsley Addams

The Weirdest Family In Cinema, Pugsley Addams

He is Wednesday's victim and collaborator, the son of Morticia and Gomez. He was a mischievous young man who had a liking for useful, filled items like death rays or anything like that.

Pugsley frequently serves as comedic relief for Wednesday's evil schemes and manages to survive all kinds of traumas to his body while avoiding becoming involved in the Addams Family conspiracies.

Fester Addams

The Weirdest Family In Cinema, Fester Addams the addams family 2022, young gomez addams

Despite having a frightening look, with sunken eyes and no eyebrows, he is regarded as the gentlest member of the family. Uncle Fester shared Pugsley's enthusiasm for comic books as a comic book reader.


The Weirdest Family In Cinema, Grandmama

She is the family's matriarch and the funniest person, and because she frequently speaks and behaves improperly for her age, many people compare her to little Wednesday.


The Weirdest Family In Cinema, Lurch the addams family 2022, young gomez addams

The butler, who can hardly be spoken to and resembles the mythical monster Frankenstein in many ways, is devoted to the Addams family. His distinctive "coconut palm" haircut and height build have left quite an intriguing impact on moviegoers.

In certain renditions of the Addams Family, Lurch was put together by Gomez in a lab and connected to an Addams' heart, becoming a true member of the household.


The Weirdest Family In Cinema, Thing

An extremely unique hand that also acts as the family's pet, maid, and personal assistant. The Thing is a compassionate being that cannot speak but can communicate itself beautifully through graceful dances and snaps.
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