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  1. #1. Shadow and Bone season 1 summary: The World of Shadow and Bone
  2. #2. Shadow and Bone Season 1 Summary: The Main Characters
  3. #3. The Plot in Shadow and Bone Season 1 Summary

Shadow And Bone Season 1 Summary: A Fantasy Adventure With Magic, War And Romance

If you are If you are If you are looking for a Shadow and Bone season 1 summary, you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will give you a detailed and spoiler-filled recap of Netflix’s hit fantasy show based on Leigh Bardugo’s books. We will also share my own opinion about the show and what we liked and disliked about it. So, if you are ready to dive into the Grishaverse, let’s get started!

Shadow and Bone is a Netflix original series based on two series of books by Leigh Bardugo: the Shadow and Bone trilogy and the Six of Crows duology. The series follows Alina Starkov, an orphan mapmaker who discovers that she has a rare power that can destroy the Fold, a dark barrier that divides her country of Ravka. As she joins the Grisha, a group of magical soldiers led by the mysterious General Kirigan, she faces enemies and allies from different factions who want to use her power for their own agendas. Meanwhile, a band of criminals led by Kaz Brekker embarks on a dangerous heist to kidnap Alina for a hefty reward.

#1. Shadow and Bone season 1 summary: The World of Shadow and Bone

The World of Shadow and BoneSource: happinessbysofi

The world of Shadow and Bone is inspired by Tsarist Russia and other cultures. It consists of several countries with different histories, politics and religions. The main country is Ravka, which is split into East Ravka and West Ravka by the Fold, a swath of darkness filled with monstrous creatures called volcra. The Fold was created centuries ago by an evil Grisha known as the Black Heretic.
Grisha are people who can manipulate matter using a form of magic called the Small Science. They are divided into three orders: Corporalki (who can control living things), Etherealki (who can control natural elements) and Materialki (who can create or alter materials). Each order has different types of Grisha with specific abilities.
The Grisha are persecuted in many countries for their powers. In Ravka, they serve under the King as part of the Second Army. Their leader is General Kirigan (also known as the Darkling), who is a powerful Grisha who can summon darkness and shadows.

#2. Shadow and Bone Season 1 Summary: The Main Characters

The Main Characters of Shadow and BoneSource: themarysue

The main characters of Shadow and Bone are:
  • Alina Starkov: A mapmaker in the First Army who discovers that she is a Sun Summoner, a rare Grisha who can create light. She becomes the target of various factions who want to use her power to either destroy or save Ravka.
  • Mal Oretsev: Alina’s childhood friend and love interest. He is a tracker in the First Army who has exceptional skills in hunting and fighting.
  • General Kirigan: The leader of the Grisha and Alina’s mentor. He claims that he wants to help Alina destroy the Fold using an ancient artifact called Morozova’s Stag.
  • Kaz Brekker: A cunning criminal mastermind who runs a gang called the Dregs in Ketterdam, a city in Kerch. He accepts a job from a wealthy merchant to kidnap Alina for 1 million kruge (the currency of Kerch).
  • Inej Ghafa: A spy and acrobat who works for Kaz as his right hand. She was sold into slavery by her parents when she was young but was freed by Kaz on one condition: she has to pay off her debt to him.
  • Jesper Fahey: A sharpshooter and gambler who works for Kaz as his friend. He has a weakness for betting on anything and everything.
  • Nina Zenik: A Heartrender (a type of Corporalki who can manipulate blood) who works as an undercover spy for the Second Army in Fjerda, a country that hunts down Grisha.
  • Matthias Helvar: A Fjerdan soldier who captures Nina but ends up being betrayed by her. He develops feelings for her despite his hatred for Grisha.

#3. The Plot in Shadow and Bone Season 1 Summary

The plot of Shadow and Bone season 1 consists of eight episodes that interweave two main storylines:

1. Alina’s Journey

Alina’s Journey Shadow and BoneSource: salon

Alina’s journey begins when she joins Mal on an expedition across the Fold as part of their military duty. When their ship is attacked by volcra, Alina unleashes a burst of light that scares them away. She is then taken to Os Alta, the capital city of Ravka, where she meets General Kirigan, who reveals that she is a Sun Summoner, a legendary Grisha who can destroy the Fold. He also tells her that he needs her help to find Morozova’s Stag, a mythical creature that can amplify Grisha powers. He also introduces her to Baghra, an old woman who trains her to control her light. Alina struggles to fit in with the Grisha and misses Mal. She also faces hostility from some of them, especially Zoya Nazyalensky, a Squaller (a type of Etherealki who can manipulate air) who is jealous of her attention from Kirigan. She also befriends Genya Safin, a Tailor (a type of Materialki who can alter appearances) who works for the Queen and helps Alina improve her looks.
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Meanwhile, Mal volunteers to track down the Stag for Kirigan. He encounters many dangers along the way but manages to find it in the north. However, he is wounded by Fjerdan soldiers and captured by Kaz’s crew. Alina learns from Baghra that Kirigan is actually the Black Heretic who created the Fold and plans to use Alina’s power to expand it and conquer other countries. She also reveals that she is his mother and urges Alina to flee with Mal before Kirigan finds them. Alina escapes from Os Alta with the help of Genya and reunites with Mal at an inn. They decide to go to Kerch together and seek asylum. However, they are ambushed by Kirigan and his men, who kill Kaz’s crew (except for Inej) and take Alina and Mal prisoner.
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Kirigan takes them to the Fold and forces Alina to wear a collar made from the Stag’s antlers, which gives him control over her power. He then uses her light to create volcra from his shadows and unleash them on the West Ravkan army, who are waiting on the other side of the Fold. Alina resists Kirigan’s influence by realizing that she killed the Stag herself and thus has a connection with it. She breaks free from his collar and fights back against him. She also saves Mal from being killed by Zoya, who switches sides after seeing Kirigan’s true nature. With the help of Kaz, Inej, Jesper, Nina, and Matthias, who have all escaped or defected from their captors, Alina and Mal manage to get out of the Fold alive. They board a ship bound for Kerch, where they plan to start a new life together. However, Kirigan still hunts them, who survives his injuries and emerges from the Fold with a new army of shadow soldiers.

2. Kaz’s Heist

Kaz’s Heist Shadow and BoneSource: hellomagazine

Kaz’s heist begins when he receives an offer from Jan Van Eck, a wealthy merchant in Kerch, to kidnap Alina Starkov for 1 million kruge. He accepts the job after learning that she is a Sun Summoner who can destroy the Fold. He recruits Inej Ghafa, a Suli acrobat and spy who works for him at the Crow Club; Jesper Fahey, a Zemeni sharpshooter and gambler; and Nina Zenik, a Ravkan Heartrender (a type of Corporalki who can manipulate bodies) who works as a spy for the Grisha. They travel to Ketterdam, the capital of Kerch, where they meet Van Eck’s son Wylan Van Eck, a runaway and explosives expert who joins them as a hostage. They also learn that they need a way to cross the Fold without being detected by Kirigan’s forces. Then they hire Arken Visser, aka The Conductor, a smuggler who claims to have a secret passage through the Fold. He leads them to an abandoned train station where they board an old locomotive powered by Grisha Squallers.
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However, Volcra attack them on their way and Arken betrays them by revealing himself as a Fjerdan witch hunter. They manage to escape with the help of Nina’s powers and Jesper’s shooting skills. In addition, they also capture Matthias Helvar, a Fjerdan drüskelle (a type of witch hunter) who was working with Arken. Nina reveals that she knows Matthias from before when they were shipwrecked together and fell in love but she betrayed him to save herself. They reach Novokribirsk, a town near the Little Palace, where Alina is staying. After that, they disguise themselves as performers and infiltrate the Winter Fete, a celebration of Alina’s power. They plan to kidnap her during her demonstration of creating light. However, their plan goes wrong when Kirigan reveals his true intentions and takes Alina and Mal into the Fold. Kaz decides to follow them and rescue Alina, hoping to still get paid by Van Eck. He convinces Inej, Jesper, and Wylan to join him, while Nina stays behind with Matthias, who she has been trying to persuade to defect from Fjerda.
They enter the Fold using another train and find Alina and Mal fighting against Kirigan. They help them escape and make their way back to Novokribirsk. Van Eck meets them there, who double-crosses them and tries to take Alina away. He also reveals that he has kidnapped Inej and threatens to kill her if Kaz doesn’t cooperate. Kaz refuses to give up Alina and reveals that he has swapped her with Wylan using Genya’s Tailoring skills. He also exposes Van Eck’s treachery to his men and starts a shootout. In the chaos, Alina reunites with Mal and escapes with Kaz’s crew on a skiff. They head towards Kerch together, where they hope to find a safe haven. However, they are still in danger from Kirigan, who has survived the Fold and is determined to get Alina back. He also has a new ally in Nina, who has betrayed Matthias and handed him over to the Kerch authorities.

3. Season 1 Ending

Shadow and Bone Season 1 endingSource: netlookmag

The season ends with Alina and Mal arriving in Kerch with Kaz’s crew. A group of people who claim to be part of an underground network that supports Alina’s cause greet them. They offer them shelter and protection. Alina is reluctant to trust them but agrees to go with them. She also decides to keep fighting against Kirigan and his army of shadows. She tells Mal that she needs him by her side and they kiss.
Meanwhile, Kirigan emerges from the Fold with his shadow soldiers. He declares that he will not stop until he has Alina and the world under his control. Besides, he also reveals that he has a new power: he can create cracks in reality that allow him to travel anywhere he wants. He uses this power to appear in front of Nina and Matthias, who are on a prison ship heading to Ketterdam. Then he tells Nina that he needs her help and offers her a deal: if she joins him, he will free Matthias from his fate.
His offer tempts Nina but she refuses to betray Matthias again. She tells him that she loves him and tries to convince him that they can be together despite their differences. Kirigan leaves them alone but warns them that they will soon face his wrath. He then disappears into another crack. The season ends with a cliffhanger: will Alina be able to stop Kirigan’s plans? Will Nina and Matthias escape from their prison? Will Kaz’s crew get their revenge on Van Eck? And what other secrets lie hidden in the Grishaverse?
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