What Is A Durast In 'Shadow And Bone'? Everything You Need To Know About Durast and Grisha In Shadow And Bone

Obsessed with Durast in Shadow and Bone? Here is everything we know about Durast. Shadow and Bone has a complicated glossary dedicated to its "magic" users, known as Grisha, and their variants, which include the Durast, a category of Fabrikator. Netflix’s adaption of the best-selling book by Leigh Bardugo is an engaging watch but its complex lexicon leaves even the most devout watchers scratching their heads at the types and powers of various Grisha, most notably the Durast. 

#1. What is a Durast

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The Order of Fabrikators is split into two: Durasts and Alkemi. Alkemi, who can create and alter chemicals, were largely absent from the first season. Durasts, however, are mentioned in the first episode by Mal. Their power of manipulating solid matter is first alluded to as Mal explains Fabrikators made a new, fast and ultralight skiff for traversing the Shadow Fold. David Kostyk, the expert resident Fabrikator of the Little Palace, is hinted to be behind this. David demonstrates his power of altering matter on an atomic level by creating the blue light used on skiffs crossing the Shadow Fold.
In addition, David also creates performance-enhancing gloves for Alina, which make it easier to split her sunbeams. This is only a peek through the keyhole at the powers of a Durast, with their abilities being used to create similar inventions and discover breakthroughs of equal caliber.
Durasts are Grisha of the Materialki order. Because Alkemi and Durasts often share their workspaces and do similar work, they usually aren't distinguished and are only called Fabrikators. Durasts can manipulate anything solid—from stone to wood—and even move objects. A major character in Shadow and Bone ends up being a Durast, but it’s a spoiler, ahem.

#2. What is a Grisha?

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Think of Grisha (pronounced gree-shuh) as this universe’s superheroes. They are genetically bestowed with special gifts, not entirely unlike X-Men’s mutants. Grisha are the soldiers of the Second Army, though they are more often called “Masters of the Small Science.”
In the Shadow and Bone books, Grisha powers are not, in fact, “magical.” These abilities are referred to as “practicing the small science” because Grisha cannot create something from nothing. When they use their powers, they pull matter or energy from that which is already around them. They manipulate. As the books explain, “like calls to like.”
There are three orders of Grisha: Corporalki, Etherealki, and Materialki, with Materialki on the bottom of the food chain while Corporalki enjoy the highest rank. Within those orders are multiple types of Grisha.

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Corporalki include Heartrenders, who can slow down or speed up heart beats, and Healers, who can heal wounds. All Corporalki are also trained as Tailors, meaning they can change a person’s appearance at will.
Etherealki include Squallers—think Airbenders, who can move around gusts of wind—and Inferni, who can manipulate fire, as well as Tidemakers, who control waves. Finally, Materialki include Durasts, who work with solid materials to create architecture, weapons and technology, and Alkemi, who prefer negotiating chemicals to create bombs, poisons, etc.
To make matters a bit more confusing, these three orders of Grisha also enjoy secondary names. Corporalki are sometimes called “The Order of the Living and the Dead,” while Etherealki are coined “Summoners"—Alina Starkov and the Darkling thus fall under the category of Etherealki, though overpowered ones. Finally, Materialki are usually called “Fabrikators.” Got it down yet?

#3. What are the First and Second Armies?

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This one’s a bit simpler to remember. The First Army is composed of Ravkan humans, led by and in service of the Ravkan King, Alexander III, who resides in the Grand Palace in the capital city of Os Alta. The Second Army is filled entirely with Grisha, and though they populate the Little Palace and are technically under the Ravkan King’s reign, they serve and follow the Darkling, a Grisha himself. Whether the Darkling is entirely devoted to Alexander II, er, remains to be seen. Overall, these armies were created to protect and defend Ravka from their enemies to the north—Fjerdans—and the south—Shu. is a website that provides you with sport updates and Entertainment news to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about TV & Movies.
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