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  1. Clarifying The Rumors
  2. Selena's VMAs Appearance: Where All The Rumors Began
  3. Why Do Some People Believe Selena Is Pregnant?

Is Selena Gomez Pregnant During VMA 2023? Fact Check Her 2023 Pregnancy!

Hey there, folks! It's Jonathan, and I've got some intriguing celebrity news to share with you. Recently, the Internet was buzzing with speculations about Selena Gomez's possible pregnancy, sparked by her appearance at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs). Let's dive in and explore what went down at the VMAs and how the rumors started flying.


Clarifying The Rumors

Okay, let's address the elephant in the room right off the bat: No, Selena Gomez is not pregnant in 2023. Despite all the hubbub after her appearance at the VMAs, she has not confirmed any pregnancy. Additionally, months have passed since Selena's appearance at the VMAs, and there's been no indication or clue to suggest that she's pregnant. Her latest Instagram post showcases her at the Rare Impact Fund Benefit event, and she looks absolutely stunning in a metallic dress. There's no hint of pregnancy in sight.


Selena's VMAs Appearance: Where All The Rumors Began

Rumors began to circulate when she wore a close-fitting scarlet gown at the awards, which had some fans speculating about a potential baby bump. However, rumors are just rumors, and we shouldn't jump to conclusions.
Selena Gomez did take the time to share her VMA experience on Instagram, thanking fans for their support. The photos she posted showed her looking stunning, with no visible sign of a pregnancy. Although she didn't directly address the pregnancy rumors, her radiant appearance sent a clear message.

Why Do Some People Believe Selena Is Pregnant?

The reason for the constant rumors is due to her weight gain. People noticed that she looked fuller and curvier in her appearance, and they assumed that she had a baby bump because of it. But that is untrue and a little sexist; Selena Gomez’s weight gain could be due to several factors:
  • Lupus: Selena Gomez struggles with lupus, an autoimmune disease that can cause inflammation, pain, and swelling in different parts of the body. The weight gain could simply be her body reacting to the incurable disease. 
  • Diet and mental health issues: Selena Gomez has shared that she faces challenges with feeling anxious, depressed, and having bipolar disorder. These things can make her eat too much or too little at times. She doesn't stick to strict diets or exercise routines but does what feels good for her body and makes her happy.
In conclusion, I want to emphasize the significance of empathy and respect in discussions about celebrities' personal lives. The recent Selena Gomez pregnancy rumors at the 2023 MTV VMAs highlight the power and pitfalls of social media and the impact on individuals' emotions. Until we have concrete confirmation from Selena herself, it's crucial to treat such matters with care and sensitivity. Let's always remember to be kind and considerate in our conversations, online and offline.
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