Nina and Matthias Won't End Up Together in 'Shadow and Bone'? Explained

People are completely captivated by forbidden love stories, and that's why Shadow and Bone has so many great pairs. The all-time favorite couple from the show is Nina and Matthias, so what will happen to them in season 2? Will they be brought back together? Keep reading to find out!

#1. Nina and Matthias relationship in Shadow and Bone 

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The two didn’t meet under the best of circumstances in season 1, but sometimes that’s where the best love stories begin! Nina is captured by the drüskelle for being Grisha, and Matthias is one of those captors. Though he does show her kindness, giving us some insight into who he actually is as a character from the start.
When the ship they’re on gets caught in a storm, the two are shipwrecked and have to rely on each other to survive. That, of course, means getting close and cozy to warm up, to the (initial) dismay of Matthias. But being in close quarters and spending more time together, the two start to fall for each other. Aw!
It’s too bad when Nina is forced to lie and say Matthias is a slave trader. She does this to save his life because some Grisha from the Little Palace finds them. They plan to take Matthias to execute him. But at least if he’s taken following Nina’s false accusation, he’ll stand trial instead of being put to death. Unfortunately, the damage is done though, and Matthias believes his love betrayed him as he’s taken away.
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#2. Do Nina and Matthias end up together in Shadow and Bone season 2?

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When they first meet, Nina and Matthias couldn’t be more different from each other. Nina is a Corporalnik Grisha, a Heartrender, to be precise. She is sent to find information on those helping the rogue Grissha escape the conscription laws in Ravka. Rebellious and radical, Nina herself opposes the said laws. She was supposed to meet the Crows and the Conductor but gets kidnapped by the Drüskelle, the unit of holy soldiers from Fjerda that hunts the Grisha, who are considered witches in their religion. The Grisha are abducted and brought to the Ice Court in Fjerda, where they are put through sham trials and many of them are burned alive afterward.
Although this is where the second season ends, we know where the relationship between Nina and Matthias is heading from the books. Nina succeeds in freeing Matthias with the help of the Crows, who compel the former Drüskelle to join their quest to rescue Bo Yul-Bayur from the Ice Court. Although Nina and Matthias’ relationship is initially strained after the reunion, with each actively avoiding the other, things get better as time progresses. He later even recites the drüskelle oath to Fjerda, changing it in such a way that it addresses Nina.

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Because of his actions, Matthias comes to be viewed as a traitor in his native country and is fatally shot by a young Drüskelle in the book ‘Crooked Kingdom’ and dies in Nina’s arms. Nina later finds love again with Hanne Brum, the child of Drüskelle commander Jarl Brum.
So, unfortunately, Nina and Matthias aren’t together by the end of Shadow and Bone season 2. But it’s definitely not because of a lack of trying on the Heartrender’s end! The problem is that when Matthias was taken away, he has to stay locked up in a place called Hellgate, a high-security prison outside of Ketterdam, while he awaits trial. And the name certainly sounds as bad as it is. is a website that provides you with sport updates and Entertainment news to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about TV & Movies.
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