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  1. Was Murda Mook Arrested For Child And Drug Abuse?
  2. Who Is Murda Mook?

Rapper Murda Mook Arrested In 2024: Latest Update On His Arrest On Instagram

News broke on February 24, 2024 of rapper Murda Mook arrested. The incident took place at his residence and was broadcasted live on Instagram, and has sent his fans into a frenzy. So what exactly happened and why was the legendary rapper arrested? Were the charges on him abusing his daughter and using drug true?

Was Murda Mook Arrested For Child And Drug Abuse?

Yes. On the night of February 24, Murda Mook was arrested on Instagram Live due to allegations of drug use and child abuse. The incident, which unfolded live on Instagram for his followers, streamed directly from his residence, reportedly began after his wife called the police, accusing him of abusing their daughter and using drugs.
During the live broadcast, Mook repeatedly asked the police to leave his property, challenging their presence and denying any harm to his daughter. However, the situation escalated when officers noticed a scratch on his daughter's arm, which Mook claimed was self-inflicted by the child herself.
The police also instructed him to accompany them to the precinct and to put on his shirt, but the specific charges were not disclosed on camera during the live stream.
Throughout the confrontation, Mook could be heard shouting various statements at the officers, including "Get away from me!", "This is lawful, right?", "You think you're tough, right?", and "Drop your badge." He also urged his Instagram followers to witness and monitor the situation through the live broadcast, seeking their support and vigilance as the event unfolded.
This incident has caused a stir in the rap community and has left many questions unanswered. As of now, it is unclear what the legal consequences for Mook will be. The situation is still developing, and more information is expected to be released in the coming days.

Who Is Murda Mook?

Murda Mook, born as John Ancrum, was raised in Harlem, New York, and identifies himself as a New Yorker. He played basketball at Fordham Preparatory School in The Bronx. After Fordham Prep, Ancrum attended Elms College in Chicopee, Massachusetts, where he majored in Marketing.
Mook began his career as a battle rapper, facing well-known Harlem rappers such as T-Rex and Loaded Lux. His breakthrough performance was featured on a 2002 S.M.A.C.K. DVD against Jae Millz, which was broadcasted on MTV’s Making the Band. This resulted in one of the most influential rap battles of all time.
Mook later faced rappers such as Party Arty, Serius Jones, and Philly-native Young Hot in 2008. Outside of S.M.A.C.K., he also made a brief appearance on MTV2’s Monday Night Fight Klub where he battled against up-and-coming rappers such as Verse, Cardi aka. Deuce One, and most notably French Montana, who went under the name Young French at the time.
He is a founding member of the Harlem-based rap group Dot Mob, consisting of Mook, his cousin T-Rex, and Dutch Brown, affiliated with A&R Louie Da 13th. Former members included NymLo (known as NymDot at the time) and K-Shine. Associates include Watts rapper Daylyt, Pittsburgh rapper Real Deal, Baltimore rapper Tay Roc, and hype-man/producer Sho Gotti.
Despite some label politics limiting his impact, Mook’s talent is hard to contain, and he has been delivering lyrical punishment since his teen years. After his appearance on the BET Hip-Hop Awards, Mook garnered an extended group of new fans and supporters. His latest mixtape, Eazy Doez It, was released on the heels of the Awards show.
To sum up, the incident leading to Murda Mook's arrest revolves around a contested account of what happened to his daughter. He faced allegations of injuring his daughter's arm, which he firmly denied, stating she had accidentally harmed herself. Please watch the latest updates about Murda Mook on AUBTU.BIZ.
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