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Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Episode 5 Recap: What Happened To Cate Just Before G-Day?

In Episode 5 of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, which was released on Apple TV+ on December 8, 2023,  the big scary creatures step aside. The series had us expecting huge action scenes, but in this episode, there's no fresh Godzilla or Titans footage – just a bit of old flashback stuff. The episode shifts gears and zeroes in on Cate and Kentaro's feelings as they explore their dad's office in the messed-up San Francisco.


Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Episode 5 Recap

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Episode 5

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Episode 5 begins, plunging the Randa siblings deeper into their predicament. Stranded in Alaska, the group faces a perilous divide. Kentaro battles hallucinations in a snowstorm, grappling with unresolved issues with his father. Meanwhile, the team searches for aid for the seriously injured May and encounters the ice-breathing titan once more. All hope seems lost until Kentaro stumbles upon his father's working radio, calling for help. However, Monarch appears, throwing an unexpected twist into their already dire situation.


The Runaways' Fate At The Monarch Command Post

Episode 5 kicks off in Alaska at the Monarch Command Post. Tim and his crew nabbed the four runaways and are grilling them one by one, keeping them separate. The group is split up and stuck in cells at the post. Tim and Duvall are digging for answers, trying to figure out what's going on and what info they're missing.
The four folks handle being locked up differently. Cate talks to herself, insisting she's not scared. Kentaro is visibly upset and aggressive in his cell. Meanwhile, May, still recovering from the Alaska mess, gets questioned by Duvall. The Monarch worker offers her a way out, handing May their contact details.

New Plans Unfold As The Trio Pursues Hiroshi's Trail

Tim figures out that the three prisoners don't really know anything important. He decides to set them free right away. But Monarch's Deputy Director Verdugo still wants to question Colonel Lee Shaw privately.
The trio gets released, and Tim gives them new passports and plane tickets home, all on Monarch's dime. He says sorry for the mix-up but warns that he can't help them next time. May heads back to Tokyo, but Cate has a different plan.
Cate wants to keep searching for her dad, Hiroshi. She suggests they check out his office in San Francisco instead. Kentaro and May eventually agree. The three of them head to the States. When they land, you see the old city's wreckage. It's still dealing with the aftermath of a big disaster, but it's slowly getting back on its feet.
Meanwhile, Verdugo is grilling Lee about Monarch's legitimacy. They argue over whether the organization is still useful. Lee thinks it's old-fashioned and not needed, saying they had 60 years to plan for G-Day and still messed up. Duvall is watching the interrogation and clearly doesn't trust Lee, the former employee.
Back in the U.S., the trio gets a ride from James, a friend of Cate's mom. They head to Cate's mom's place. Caroline welcomes them, and Cate quickly tells her about the tough discovery – Hiroshi had another family in Japan. Caroline tries to avoid facing this truth, but the situation is getting overwhelming.

Cate And Caroline Clash Amidst The Hunt For The Truth

Cate and Caroline have a big fight about Hiroshi's lies. Cate questions Caroline's actions, realizing she was sent to Tokyo to figure things out herself. Caroline knew her husband was cheating, but she didn't have the guts to confront it. Cate had to find out on her own; the trip was just Caroline's way of getting info without dealing with it directly.
Caroline admits she wanted Cate to shake off her depression. Sending her away was an excuse to get Cate out into the real world. Cate was still dealing with the trauma of G-Day, where she lost her students in a really awful way.
After their argument, Cate asks her mom to help them get into the restricted Red Zone in San Francisco. Caroline and James drive the trio into the city's ruins, slipping some cash to the guards along the way. Mom promises to pick them up the next morning but warns about the danger – intruders can get shot, so they better be careful not to get caught.

Cate's Past Unravels In the Ruins Of San Francisco

The trio walks through the messed-up San Francisco in the dark. Buildings are falling apart all around them, but they keep going toward Hiroshi's office. The familiar place brings back tough memories for Cate, and she relives what happened before G-Day. Turns out, Cate had a girlfriend, and they planned to move in together. But she cheated on her girlfriend the very next day.
In the Red Zone, soldiers start chasing the trio. They hide from the guards while Cate has more flashbacks. Turns out, she and her girlfriend almost broke up right before the Godzilla attack.
In the present, Cate feels she's just like her dad, abandoning those close to her. May tries to comfort her, reminding Cate of her bravery in Alaska. The trio gets to Hiroshi's office. No hidden safe this time, but his map on the wall gives new clues. They wrap it up and head back.
They meet up with Caroline and sneak out of the Red Zone without being seen. Cate talks with her mom again about Hiroshi's lies. This time, they have a mature debate. Caroline admits she knew Hiroshi was cheating but chose to ignore it. She says Cate deserved better, hurt that her daughter got messed up by her dad's absence.
Cate tells her mom that Hiroshi is still alive and was working for a secret group. She's determined to find him no matter what. The episode ends with May calling Duvall, wanting to go home and ready to negotiate to escape this mess. It's May's way out.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Episode 5 Review

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Episode 5 opens with a missed chance for Cate's character growth. Despite the promising setup in episode 1 about her traumatic past, subsequent episodes neglect this narrative thread. The attempt to explore Cate's past in San Francisco falls short, leaving the audience distant from her. Sudden plot twists, raise more questions than answers about her motivations.

The show's inclination to link Cate to her father adds complexity but lacks sufficient exploration. Despite Cate's seemingly positive resolution, the monsters alone can't sustain viewer interest. Monarch's struggle to make characters compelling hampers the overall episode quality. To elevate the narrative, a renewed focus on characters like Shaw in episode 6 is crucial.

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