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  1. Who Is Barnes In Monarch: Legacy Of Monsters?
  2. Get To Know Jess Salgueiro

Who Plays Barnes In Monarch: Legacy Of Monsters? Meet Jess Salgueiro

In the awesome world of the MonsterVerse, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters introduced us to a character known as Dr. Barnes, who played a key part in figuring out the secrets of this monstrous universe. Today, we'll dig deep into this character and the talented actress behind her, Jess Salgueiro.

Who Is Barnes In Monarch: Legacy Of Monsters?

Barnes In Monarch Legacy Of Monsters Source: Apple TV+
Dr. Barnes, brought to life by Legendary Pictures, made her debut appearance in the 2023 MonsterVerse series, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters. This enigmatic character is at the heart of the action, working diligently to uncover the secrets hidden within the MonsterVerse.
Dr. Barnes' journey began in 2015 at Monarch Outpost 47 in Utah. A seemingly routine day took a dramatic turn when an old system in her trailer alerted her to something extraordinary. Using her trusty satellite phone, she contacted Monarch, setting in motion a chain of events that would lead to the discovery of significant radiation, a phenomenon typically associated with black holes. This revelation sent shockwaves through the Monarch team, as it hinted at something monumental on the horizon.

Get To Know Jess Salgueiro

Jess Salgueiro was born on November 19, 1987, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. She comes from her Portuguese-Canadian heritage, with her parents, John and Maria Salgueiro, moving from Alcanena and Santa Bárbara de Nexe, respectively. Jess has two sisters, Julie and Nancy.



While Jess Salgueiro's career has been in the spotlight, her personal life remains relatively private. As of now, there are no records of her dating history, and she is currently single.

Jess Salgueiro's TV Shows & Movies

Jess Salgueiro's acting career is defined by her wide variety and awesome flexibility. She has made big steps in the Entertainment industry, as shown by her roles in several popular TV shows and movies.

Here are some of her remarkable roles in TV Shows & Movies:

    • Monarch: Legacy of Monsters as Dr. Barnes
    • Beacon 23 as Saldana
    • The Expanse as Chandra Wei
    • The Boys as Robin
    • Workin' Moms as Mean Nanny
    • Letterkenny as Marry-Anne
    • Tiny Pretty Things as Isabel
    • Jupiter's Legacy as Jacinda Dos Santos

    Beyond Acting

    Salgueiro's talents extend beyond acting. She also earned writing credits for the short film "Attic for Rent." Additionally, her skills in voice acting are featured in the video game "Far Cry 6," set to release in 2021.

    Salgueiro's passion for writing is not limited to screenplays. A few years ago, she launched a website titled "Bitches Be Witches." The site's mission is to challenge, redefine, and reshape the concept of womanhood in contemporary times. It serves as a platform for continuous discovery and rethinking, aiming to create a world where women can move forward naturally and genuinely.

    Social Media

    Jess Salgueiro's social media profiles offer a glimpse into her professional life and achievements, as well as personal moments and thoughts she chooses to share with her followers.

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