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Discovering Matt Rife's Tattoos:What Does His Ink Say? Family, And Background

As an ink lover, Matt Rife’s tattoos have come into attention as fans notice how he usually shows up in Instagram photos with bold and artistry designs on his arms and shoulders.

The guy is usually known for his joyful vibe and bold jokes. However, as someone who might be interested in the inking culture, you are likely to be equally interested in his designs. In today’s article, we will discuss his tattoos, along with his family and background, so stay tuned.


Matt Rife's Tattoos Revealed

what does matt rife wrist tattoo say Source: Google Images

Matt Rife appears to have a penchant for tattoos, with several meaningful ones adorning his left arm. While he has showcased these tattoos in various Instagram pictures, he has kept their meanings a bit of a mystery, leaving fans curious.

One of Matt Rife's tattoos on his arm features a howling wolf on his left shoulder, yet he hasn't revealed its exact significance.

There's also a tattoo on his wrist, but unfortunately, its content remains unreadable from the pictures, so we don’t know  what this tattoo says.

matt rife wrist tattoo say Source: Google Images

His most recent addition is a text-based tattoo that he shared on Instagram, reading, "Stranded At The Drive-In." It appears to be a personal anecdote, inside joke, or reference, though Matt hasn't delved into the story behind it.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the day when Matt might choose to unveil the meanings behind his intriguing tattoos.


Matt Rife's Family Background

Comedian Matt Rife, despite being just 27 years old, has been a part of the comedy scene for over a decade. His journey to recognition and success involved sharing clips of his stand-up comedy on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, where he boasts millions of followers and billions of views. 

His dream of embarking on a world tour is finally becoming a reality, and he acknowledges that his family has played a crucial role in his journey.

But who exactly are his parents and siblings, and what roles do they play in his life?

matt rife parents Source: Google Images

Matt Rife’s Parents

Matt Rife's parents are no longer together, due to his father's passing. While Matt doesn't frequently delve into his childhood, when he does, he rarely mentions his father.

He considers himself to have grown up without a dad, with his grandfather, Steven Rife, and stepdad serving as father figures. Matt's mother, April Rife, is a supportive and proud mom who often shares Matt's interviews and spreads the word about his achievements.

matt rife family Source: Google Images

In an interview with Bert Kreischer on Bertcast in April 2022, Matt briefly touched on his childhood and his father's tragic passing. He revealed that he had never had a dad, as his father died when he was just one year old, the cause being suicide by gunshot. Matt's father was only 20 years old at the time, and Matt, now 27, finds it surreal to think about.

He reflects on how, no matter the state of mind, we tend to envision our fathers as grown men, even though he is older than his dad ever got to be.

Matt Rife’s Siblings

Matt Rife is part of a diverse family with three step-sisters and one half-sister. In the same interview with Bert, Matt disclosed that he has three older step-sisters and one younger half-sister, making him the only male among five siblings. 

Matt Rife’s Siblings Source: Google Images

He recalls his mom marrying his step dad when he was about five years old, and from that point forward, he grew up in a bustling household.

Although he doesn't reveal much about his sisters or their occupations, Matt considers all four of them his sisters, irrespective of whether they share the same bloodline.

While Matt occasionally posts about his mom, dad, and grandfather on Instagram, he tends to keep the details of his family life private. It's possible that they prefer to maintain their privacy, a choice that Matt respects. 

Fans are eagerly waiting for his new touring special, ProbleMATTic, perhaps it will shed more light on his family and their influence on his life and comedy.


Matt Rife's Net Worth In 2023

Matt Rife, an American actor, stand-up comedian, writer, YouTuber, and emerging producer, has garnered a net worth of $1.5 million as of 2023. His wealth has primarily accrued from his television and film acting career, complemented by earnings from his eponymous YouTube channel dedicated to stand-up comedy.

One thing few will notice is that Matt has ventured into writing, contributing to television specials such as "Matt Rife: Only Fans" and "ATL Comedy Arts Fest, Volume 2."

matt rife net worth Source: Google Images

His breakthrough came with his portrayal of Alex in the ten-episode series "Burb Patrol" in 2021. Additionally, he featured as Jesse in the 2016 TV series "WTH: Welcome to Howler."

Matt Rife is actively engaged in forthcoming Entertainment projects, including "Candy Flip," "Don't Suck," "The Private Eye," "Trapped Inn," among others.



matt rife tattoos summary Source: Google Images

To conclude, Matt Rife's tattoos remain a rather private topic he keeps for himself and other than some revealing tattoos he shows on social media, we know little about their meanings or symbolism. We hope he can feel comfortable to share more for us in the future.

 Nevertheless, if you are into the inking culture, you will most likely appreciate his rather aesthetic designs.

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