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  1. Is Matt Rife Gay? His Sexuality Revealed
  2. The Moment Matt Realized He Wasn’t Gay
  3. Matt Rife Caused A Gay Debate With His Tweets?
  4. Does Matt Rife Have Any Partner?
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Is Matt Rife Gay: Answered By Himself As The Hunk’s Sexuality Gets All Eyes On

Is Matt Rife gay? Is he dating someone? Is Matt Rife a homophobic? Millions of fans are curious about this hunky comedian as he rose to success recently with his whimsical jokes and ambiguous views on LGBTQ+.

People ask about celebrities’ sexuality all the time, and that’s cool. I mean, it is a fair question for anyone starting to get to know someone. After all, Matt is charming around both kings and queens.

Today we will unveil everything in this article (hint: it’s pretty evident.)


Is Matt Rife Gay? His Sexuality Revealed

First of all, to clear things up, Matt Rife is definitely not gay. He is straight as an arrow and even had his fair share of girlfriends. 

Furthermore, Matt Rife has openly discussed his sexual orientation, asserting that he identifies as a straight male on multiple occasions. 

In his comedy special, "Only Fans," he humorously addresses his identity by stating, "I have to enter every situation like ‘Hey guys, my name is Matt, just want to introduce myself and let you know I do identify as a straight white male. What an uncomfortable time to be a straight white male; it’s a tough time for my people."

Rife's comedic take on his own identity continues as he mentions that he didn't choose to be born the way he is. 

These moments from his routine elicit laughter from his audience, though it is sad that political correctness has led some of us to be so sensitive around this topic.


The Moment Matt Realized He Wasn’t Gay

The Moment Matt Realized He Wasn’t Gay Source: Google Images

Matt also revealed his moment of truth in a video titled “The time I found out I wasn’t gay…” Hilariously, it was when he watched some gay corn on an unnamed website.

“And this website, or this page, is very inclusive. It would have some gay corn sprinkled in the mix”, he said. “One gay video per like 20 straight videos, so like, my ratio is pretty safe.”

“And it lands on this gay corn video. But it wasn’t just a gay corn video,” he stuttered to reveal that it was actually a gay group video. 

matt rife gay claim Source: Google Images

Matt continued to explain that as he watched the vid, he felt terrible for the one little guy who “had” to enjoy 5 others’ meat. 

“And I knew I wasn’t gay, because not only was I not turned on initially, but my first instinct is I wanted to yell ‘Somebody help him!’ he yelled, “They are bullying this boy!”

That’s not the smoothest way to reveal your true sexuality, but to each his own, glad that most of us don’t need that kind of trauma. Thanks tho, Matt, that was really unexpected.


Matt Rife Caused A Gay Debate With His Tweets?

Matt notoriously joked about gay people and sexuality multiple times in the past. He once tweeted “If you don’t like gays, you’re probably out of shape.” to humorously shame homophobics.

However, in 2022, he caused himself a huge mess when he posted somewhat of an anti-gay tweet.

He discussed the reasons behind his Uber car appearing in rainbow colors on the app and emphasized that not everything should be associated with LGBTQ+ themes. However, he also made remarks about men engaging in certain intimate activities, which caused outrage with someone calling him a hater.

Matt Rife Caused A Gay Debate Source: Google Images

However, others also jumped in to defend him and considered his statement to be a pure joke.

“I firmly believe he was making a joke without being serious. Henceforth that’s why he can find humor/laughter in pretty much any situation & that’s what a comedian is & I’m gay btw he’s our ally.”

Nevertheless, this comment ignites the fire of political correctness and made some people uncomfortable, especially when he didn’t need to mention some other guys’ dicks to prove his point. As a popular comedian, he should have been more careful with potentially offensive jokes.


Does Matt Rife Have Any Partner?

Does Matt Rife Have Any Partner? Source: Google Images

Matt Rife is currently single as he stated that he doesn’t have enough time and energy to maintain a relationship. 

As Matt's career continues to soar, his focus on having a girlfriend has diminished. However, there was a time when it held great importance to him. 

Reflecting on his past, he shared, "I prioritized women a lot when I was younger, and I was in a lot of healthy and a lot of unhealthy relationships. But both of them are equally time-consuming. In a healthy relationship, many times you're so content that you prioritize it over your professional commitments..."

Matt Rife Partner Source: Google Images

He also mentioned that toxic relationships could be even more time-consuming, where conflicts with a partner might overshadow professional endeavors.

Notably, Matt's most prominent public relationship was with Kate Beckinsale in 2017, despite their significant age difference. They dated for a brief period, generating interest and attention from the media. 

However, they reportedly parted ways in November 2017. Since then, Matt Rife hasn't been involved in any publicly known relationships, although his presence on Raya suggests he's open to romance. 

Nonetheless, comedy remains his top priority, and he may not be seeking a serious commitment at this point in his career.



matt rife gay Source: Google Images

So, to quickly answer your question, is Matt Rife gay or not?. In short, the guy is 

straight as an arrow and is currently single but not ready to mingle. The guy is proud of his sexual identity and often jokes about it, though sometimes it backfires and causes controversy.

Now, he is not dating anyone since he wants to spend all his time and energy on creating amazing content and great jokes that we all enjoy. It’s a pity for queens, but hey, maybe he will change his mind once the right time comes!

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