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  1. Are Devon Werkheiser And Lindsey Shaw Pregnant in 2024?
  2. Is Ned and Moze Having A Baby? Ned's Declassified Explained.
  3. Is The Possible Babydaddy Devon Werkheiser?
  4. Why Do People Think Devon Werkheiser And Lindsey Shaw Is Pregnant In 2024?

Are Devon Werkheiser And Lindsey Shaw Pregnant In 2024? Is There A Baby Coming Up Soon?

Is Devon Werkheiser and Lindsey Shaw pregnant in 2024? That’s the question that has been buzzing around the internet lately. The actress, who starred in hit shows like Ned’s Declassified and Pretty Little Liars, has always been secretive about her personal life. But some fans claim to have spotted a baby bump on her recent photos. But no, she isn't pregnant with her former Ned's Declassified castmate Devon Werkheiser. And here's why!

Key takeaways:

  • Rumors swirl as she's seen with a baby bump in January. In her second trimester, but no official confirmation or denial regarding the pregnancy.
  • Notable bump and abstaining from wine during a dinner on January 28, 2024, spark pregnancy speculations. Lindsey Shaw has yet to address the rumors.
  • Fans question if co-star Devon Werkheiser is the father. Despite on-screen chemistry, they are not married or romantically involved. Lindsey's relationship status remains undisclosed.

Are Devon Werkheiser And Lindsey Shaw Pregnant in 2024?

As of 2024, rumors are circulating that Lindsey Shaw is pregnant with her first child with former Ned's Declassified castmate Devon Werkheiser. However, this is untrue. Devon Werkheiser is currently happily engaged, but not to Lindsey Shaw. The speculation started when she was spotted with a noticeable baby bump while having dinner near her home on January 28, 2024. Some sources claim that she is in her second trimester and that she is very happy and excited about becoming a mother.
However, Lindsey Shaw has not confirmed or denied the pregnancy rumors yet. She has not posted any photos or videos of herself on social media that show her belly or reveal any details about her pregnancy. She has also not given any interviews or statements to the media about this topic. Therefore, it is not clear whether she is really pregnant or not.

Is Ned and Moze Having A Baby? Ned's Declassified Explained.

Is Ned and Moze Having A Baby?

On a side note: No, Ned and Moze are not having a baby. One of the most common questions that fans have about Lindsey Shaw's pregnancy is whether her baby's father is Devon Werkheiser, her costar from Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. The two played Ned Bigby and Jennifer "Moze" Mosely, who had a crush on each other throughout the show and eventually became a couple in the finale. But no, Lindsay Shaw isn't married to anyone yet.

This is a rumor that was started by a photo that Devon Werkheiser, who played Ned, posted on his social media. He captioned it with “A little Ned arrives in 2024” and had his hand on Lindsey Shaw’s, who played Moze, stomach. However, this was just a joke and a way to promote their new project, which is a podcast called "Ned’s Declassified Podcast Survival Guide". They are not married or in a relationship, they are just good friends. They did date briefly when they were filming the show, but they broke up in 2007. So, there is no baby on the way for Ned and Moze, sorry to disappoint you. 

Is The Possible Babydaddy Devon Werkheiser?

Many fans loved Lindsey Shaw and Devon Werkheiser's on-screen chemistry and wished that they would date in real life as well. And they did, during the last few months of their Nickelodeon's show. However, the relationship only lasted for a few month. Lindsey Shaw and Devon Werkheiser are not married to each other, nor have they ever dated. They are just good friends who have remained close after the show ended in 2007.
While she is not married as of 2024, Lindsey Shaw has dated several other actors in the past, such as Ethan Peck, Devon Graye, and Tyler James Williams. However, she has not revealed who she is currently dating or if she is single. Devon Werkheiser has also had several girlfriends over the years, such as Molly McCook, Sara Montez, and Quinn Paul. He is currently engaged to his longtime girlfriend Katie Leclerc, who is also an actress.

Why Do People Think Devon Werkheiser And Lindsey Shaw Is Pregnant In 2024?

Why People Think Lindsey Shaw Is Pregnant In 2024?
People are wondering if the actress who starred in Pretty Little Liars or Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide is pregnant with her long-time partner’s child. They noticed that she had a noticeable bump on her belly when she went out for a romantic dinner near her home on Sunday night (January 28, 2024).
Another clue that made them curious was that “she did not drink wine when she made toasts … but only water,” which they said was “very strange” because “usually people toast with wine.” They knew that drinking alcohol is not good for pregnant women.
Furthermore, in February 2023, Lindsey, Devon and another of their Ned's Declassified castmate Daniel Curtis Lee started a a podcast called Ned's Declassified Podcast Survival Guide, under the network PodCo. The chemistry is so off the chart fans started to ship the couple again.
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